Friday, November 27th

Lily whines – I’ve made a mess of everything. I’m sorry. Hearing that Joe’s still interested in Lily, Cane thinks that good – maybe he’ll slip, let his guard down. You want my help? Does that mean you forgive me? Lily’s hopeful.

Victor tells Adam that thanks to his sister, we have a strong case. Yes, Adam’s still willing to go along with their agreement. Judge Moxley returns – this has been a difficult decision. Her heart goes out to Delia’s family, but Adam’s shown remorse. The ‘too harsh’ sentence is hereby reduced to 1000 hours community service and 5 years probation. But if Adam so much as jaywalks, he’s done. As Chelsea, Adam and Victor celebrate, Billy scowls.

Paul asks about the ‘evidence’. Joe insists he’s innocent – Cane’s not being framed, I am!

Cane says they’ll move forward and see where it takes us. Of course Lily will help clear Cane’s name. We’ll bring down Joe Clark together.


Look at all those leaked Newman documents, Phyllis talks to her computer – such a pity. She cackles when seeing that her video’s been viewed – gottcha! Who exactly did you get? Victor appears to ask.

Vikki doesn’t have the words to make this better for Billy. Please don’t hate me, she pleads of Billy (who can’t be angry that she ‘told the truth’) Vikki’s surprised Billy’s not furious. He knew strings would be pulled – chalk up another win for your old man. Vikki knows he’s planning something, and wants him to stop it.

In the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea take a break from kissing to admire the Christmas tree. And now it’s time to unwrap early Christmas gifts (off come the clothes)

Next: Actually, we do have something hanging over us, Chelsea says. What’s that? Adam asks … Dr Anderson’s cut off – Sharon says that she and Dylan’s minds are made up – they’re taking their son home … It’s obvious your Father needs you right now. You’re being very selfish! Sage snaps at Faith. Sage! Nick snaps at her.