Tuesday, December 1st

Vikki doesn’t want to think Billy would try to destroy her Father. If he’s using the virus, he could destroy Jabot too, Ashley worries. Billy’s not IT genius. No – but Phyllis is (Vikki lists all the times she’s caught them talking) It’s a hunch – Ian’s still out there – maybe the Geneva lead will go somewhere. Both want to believe Billy innocent but can’t – so must get to the truth. Vikki has a way.

Back at the park, Sage relays her version of the Faith episode – I yelled at an innocent girl who did nothing wrong. Sage is sick of crying. Nick’s mad at her – she’s mad at herself. What the hell am I supposed to do now? About what? Adam asks. This hole in my life – I can’t think about anything else, Sage whines. Adam’s pained to defend his brother – but talk to Nick; he’ll listen. Sage did ‘share’ but that made everything worse. She’s afraid that if she reveals her dark feelings, she and Nick won’t survive.

Nothing is more important than Sage and Faith, Nick knows he  shouldn’t care about business. Ben doesn’t understand why Victor wouldn’t want Nick around. Because things will get ugly. Nick doesn’t do ugly, he has a conscience, Abby informs. Dad thinks Billy’s behind Paragon. There’s a war brewing, Nick warns Abby – he’ll use Adam. That’s why he pushed me to testify, Abby realizes, then updates Nick that Adam’s out. Dad will crush anyone in his way, Nick sighs.

Ian can’t stop the virus. It has a mind of it’s own. Maybe someone else has wrangled it’s power. Victor grabs Ian by the scruff of the neck – shut it down! Ian swears he can’t turn the damn thing off.

Back at Jabot, Vikki makes a call then is about to update Ashley when Billy returns. You lied to me! she’s pissed.

Adam knows it’s hard to pretend that you didn’t go through something horrible – when you just want to scream and don’t have the luxury to feel what you’re feeling. You really do understand, Sage assumes it’s because he lost a baby with Chelsea. Adam knows Nick’s a good guy – what you have is worth fighting for (as he and Chelsea did) Believe it, he encourages – Christian’s Father is suffering with you (but his hug implies he means himself, not Nick)

Nick tells Abby to distance herself from the Jabot vs Newman war – you have the perfect distraction standing behind you (Ben) Dive into your life together – it’s the only thing that matters. Ben thinks that excellent advice – he doesn’t wnat Abby caught in the crossfire.

Vikki checked Billy’s story – the IT dept didn’t give come up with this lead – Billy did – and now you’re busted. Why would I send Jack on a wild goosechase? Billy protests. More time for Paragon to do it’s damage, the ladies suspect. – then gasp as the lights go out.

in the electrical room, Victor throws a computer to the floor. That’s not how it works, Phyllis yelps. I’ll destroy this whole room! Victor shouts as he yanks out plugs and wires.

Still at Underground, Abby worries that she’s expected to quit her job and just be a wife. Ben wonders if she plans to work after they start having kids.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea notes that Adam’s been quiet. He’s not sure he helped Sage much. And you feel guilty? Why would I feel guilty? he’s surprised.  Because we have Connor to celebrate the holidays with. Adam mentions the miscarriage. Yes, but it’s worse for Nick and Sage, Chelsea opines – Christian was born, then taken from them ~hug~

Sage returns to Underground to admire her ring and flash back to Nick proposing. He’s glad she came back, and apologizes for being protective of Faith (and list all she’s dealt with) Sage feels she’s the one who should be apologizing.

What have you done Billy? The phone and internet are out! Ashley goes to find someone to fix this. Billy will go too. No – you’re not going anywhere, Vikki stops him in his tracks.