Wednesday, December 2nd

Nick finds Sage at work – he didn’t hear her leave this morning. Yes – well – the club is busy with events this week. No, Sage doesn’t want some time off – or to go to the lake with Nick – she knows he’s trying to distract her; and saw the invitation – Sharon’s baby’s being christened today.

At the church, Dylan’s so proud of Sharon – she fought hard to get to this place. Sharon credits Dylan’s support. Arriving with Mariah and Faith, Noah’s introduced to his little brother.

At the club, Victor brags about smashing the server (and Paragon and Ian) Now it’s time to rebuild Newman Enterprises. With what capitol? Adam asks. Here’s the gentleman who’s gonna help with that. Luca appears.

In the park, Vikki whines to Nikki; Billy and Dad despise each other. She understands Billy being upset about Victor pulling strings to thwart Delia’s justice – but he planned to go after NE BEFORE Adam’s appeal. We’re really over this time ~hug~

At Jabot, Phyllis reads an article online – Ian’s back serving his 30 year prison term. No Billy’s not happy – Vikki’s pissed at him (and Jack will be too when he realizes the lead was fake) Phyllis expects Jack to be mad at her too – she used herself as bait to flush Ian out. Billy wonders if Victor knows he’s the one who restarted Paragon after the fire. Ashley appears to scowl – probably, and so I do.

As the happy little family exudes joy, Ben (the Godfather arrives) with Abby. Mariah is thrilled to be Godmother. Dylan hopes Abby and Ben don’t wait long to have children after they marry. Ben wants to wait, Abby says. All are alarmed to hear he chose a green and gray colour scheme for the wedding. After Ben and Mariah head off to talk to the Minister, Faith hopes Daddy doesn’t bring Sage (and wants to move in with her Mom and Dylan)

Nick didn’t think Sage would want to go to the Christening – and won’t go without her. But he’s your family. He’s OUR family – that’s how family works, Nick talks of building a life together. Sage is trying to support Nick – who refuses to go without her. OK – we’ll go together, Sage won’t make this day about her. She’ll find a way to get through it.

Never heard of you, Adam shakes Luca’s hand. Luca’s heard of Adam. His Father’s a successful businessman in Spain – he asked to partner with us, Victor tells Adam (who asks Luca to excuse them) Victor wants the Santori family money – and to get Marisa away from Noah (because he wasn’t able to get Vikki away from Billy Boy)

You hurt Jabot and your own family, Ashley wonders what Billy was thinking. Billy was thinking about causing Victor the same pain he’s been experiencing since losing Delia. Ashley hopes it was worth it. Whose side are you on? Phyllis scolds Ashley.

Seated on a park bench, Nikki comforts Vikki (who wonders how she repeatedly forgives and goes back to Victor) He’s always forgiven and stood by me, Nikki says – being with Victor is her choice – it’s a struggle to be with him – but also joy. Nikki doesn’t always agree with Victor’s methods, but he truly has his family’s best interests at heart.

Chided for trying to control Noah, Victor gets back to business – he wants to hand his legacy down to Adam’s son (as well as his kids and grandchildren) In the end it’s the only thing that matters. After Adam’s fight to be with his family, Victor’s sure he understands.

At the bar, Luca tells Marisa that’s he’s returning to Europe. The 30 days is up – she failed to live up to her end of the agreement (by sleeping with Noah) Marisa wants to know where her daughter is. Refusing to tell her, Luca tells her to go back to Noah. As he marches off, Marisa gets a text from Noah – are you coming? Luca, Adam and Victor all turn to look at her.

‘I can’t do this’, Noah reads Marissa’s text, grabs his coat and slips out of the church. As Faith pesters to come live with Sharon and Dylan, she’s sent over to greet guests. Mariah then comes along to update Sharon and Dylan that Sage snapped – at Faith; calling her selfish. Sharon doesn’t look happy when Nick and Sage arrive seconds later.