Tuesday, December 1st

Victor shoves Ian around the electrical room – you won’t go unpunished!  You’re crazy! Ian yanks open the door  to escape – and finds two federal agents blocking his path. Arrest him, Victor orders – get him out of here!

Abby plans to work as long as possible – did Ben expect Vikki to walk away from her job? Ben was just asking – that’s it. Now let’s look at bonbonnieres.

Sage is sorry – she’ll try to be more sensitive to Faith. Nick appreciates that. A child will always come first, Sage says with a hug.

See – everything’s OK, Billy says as the lights come on. Don’t do this – let it go, he pleads. How could you do this!? Vikki wails. Billy rants about Victor getting Adam out of his prison sentence. I had to do something. You did something alright – you ruined any chance of us being a family – we’re done! Vikki storms out.

Ian’s lead off by the agents. You played your part well – did I hurt you? Victor asks.  Not this time – but Phyllis knows the lengths he’ll go to get what he wants. And don’t you ever forget it, Victor says ominously (as Phyllis marches off)

Adam flashes back to Victor guessing that he was Christian’s Father. On cue, Victor calls – he took down Ian and Paragon – now you hold up your end of the bargain and we take down Jabot. Hanging up, Adam gripes to Chelsea that she was right – Victor will make him pay for his freedom.


Next: Sage has news for Nick – I saw the invitation – Sharon’s baby’s being Christened… Luca announces that the 30 days are up – but Marissa failed to keep her end of the bargain … Ashley growls at Phyllis – I’m not always right, but this time I am – Vikki’s never going to forgive Billy, just like Jack’s never going to forgive you!

My Thoughts: If Nona the wedding planner sounds and appears a little husky familiar, it might be because she’s transgender actress Candis Cayne; the exact opposite of my favourite former wedding planner Laird Worthington (the wee flamboyant fella)  It’s a bad sign that Abby forgot the meeting, and Nona wouldn’t think Ben so ‘decisive’ if she knew he was waffling between his bride to be and his mother in law to be. Abby’s (assumed) ability to have kids is probably the only reason Ben chose her (and it’s not like he’d be able to talk Ashley into giving up her job) … While I’m glad Chelsea’s no longer the con artist who claimed Billy raped her, her giggly little girl act is wearing a bit thin. And would it have killed her to wear appropriate footwear to the park?  … LOL @ Victor throwing Ian’s coat at him as they exited the motel room (as if Ian was going to take his hands off Phyllis to catch it) Phyllis sounds (and looks like she’s just gone a few rounds in the octagon) …