Wednesday, December 2nd

I never knew I could be this happy, Sharon gushes to Vikki and Nikki (who rattles on about 9 months passing by so quickly) Sharon excuses herself to take Nick aside (as Sage chats Ben – then watches) Sharon knows Nick and Sage are going through a hard time – she could take Faith more – and is glad they decided to come today – good for Sage for being able to handle it. Across the church, Abby finds Vikki crying – and knows they’re not tears of joy.

Leave Billy alone! As Phyllis again defends Billy, Ashley claims she’s lost respect for him (Jack will too) – and how will Vikki react? Billy already knows – it’s over. Phyllis butts in again to disagree and shut Ashley up – go to the Christening. Fine, I’ll try one more time, Billy leaves Ashley to turn her rage on Phyllis. Vikki will never forgive Billy – and Jack will never forgive YOU.

Back at the club, Victor leaves Adam to taunt Luca – your wife doesn’t seem the type to take orders (even from Marco) She’ll do what I want, Luca likes the challenge.

At the park, Marisa updates Noah; Luca claims she broke the terms by sleeping with him. No, Kevin isn’t searching for my daughter, she wails – he’s in Switzerland. And no, Victor won’t help, he’s in business with Luca, Marisa just them signing papers. Noah doesn’t want Marisa to go with Luca – I love you. I’ll help you find your little girl ~hug~

Marisa’s sorry she fell apart – this isn’t fair to Noah. She should just go with Luca; give him what he wants. No! Noah swears he’ll do whatever it takes. Trust me – trust in what we have. Marisa’s grateful, but with your family on Luca’s side, there’s nothing you can do…. As she walks off, Noah vows not to give up.

Nikki assures Dylan that Victor wouldn’t miss the Christening for anything. He loves babies? Ben’s surprised. Oh yes – even Sharon can’t deny that. Once again Ben’s asked when he and Abby will have kids.

Sage is relieved when Nick relays Sharon’s kind words – and wants to thank Sharon personally. Vikki drops her conversation with Abby to make a run at Billy and shove him back about 10 feet – you don’t get to come here – not today!

You’re up to your neck in this! Ashley accuses Phyllis – why would Phyllis go behind her husbands back? And risk his life’s work to get even with Victor? Yes – you DO need to explain yourself to me – you work for me. The last time this war escalated Jack got shot, Ashley reminds. why would you put him at risk again? You have NO idea what Victor did to me! Phyllis snaps (as Adam appears in the doorway)

What the hell did Victor do that’d make you use a virus against our company?! Ashley bellows. Adam knocks. Let’s just say he ruined my honeymoon, Phyllis leaves Ashley to detect that Victor’s coercing Adam into helping him. She feels sorry for Adam – I know how this ends.

Was Billy supposed to just let Victor get away with it? Not today, Vikki hisses – this is for family – don’t ruin this day for Dylan and Sharon. And don’t drag my Father into this – YOU came after MY family. Yes, and with good reason, Billy whines – are you just going to cut me out of your life? I bet she can Billy Boy, a smug Victor appears.

Upstairs, as Luca packs, Marisa says she’d shoot him if she could – she hates him so much. But help me find Eva. Please!