Wednesday, December 2nd

Her apology accepted, Sage asks if she can hold the baby. Sharon and Dylan look at one another.

What’s Victor doing here? He was invited (unlike Billy Boy) Vikki leaves Victor to gloat – he doesn’t need to get revenge. Billy already threw everything away; Vikki, the children you share. You have no one to thank but yourself.

Luca wants Eva back – he wants them to be a family. We loved each other – you know it’s true. His family poisoned things – you must feel something for me. You’re right, Marisa agrees ~kiss~ The clothes start coming off.

Ashley gives Adam the harsh truth – Your Father will never forgive you for destroying his company – he’ll get what he wants and renege on whatever he’s promised you. You don’t have to let him keep controlling you. What does he have on you?

After an awkward pause, Sharon smiles at Sage – of course you can hold Sullivan. As Nick watches, Sage marvels at the baby in her arms.


Next: How’d you get him to stay? Did you sleep with him? Noah confronts Marisa …. Billy rants at Victor – Adam won’t stop until he destroys you; and that’s something I can relate to… Paul holds Vikki’s hands – there’s been an accident. It’s about Billy.

My Thoughts: Well that was weird – note how Luca licks his lips before kissing Marisa; more like a nervous teen on his prom date than a European playboy. They have zero chemistry for two hot people (not that there’s anything more with Noah) I’d forgotten about all three characters. Luca is a mouth breather! … Why would Victor sign a deal with Luca’s Father without meeting the man himself? Have lawyers looked over this agreement? As a solid businessman for decades, why couldn’t Victor get a business loan – and if he knows Ian’s behind Paragon, why not sue him. Ian must have money stashed away somewhere if he can be so generous with Patty… Sure Billy’s an ass – but that’s no reason for Vikki to restrict his access to his kids. She knows he’s a good Father – and why punish the kids? ….. Of course Ben picked green and gray – green is the colour of his scrubs at work …. Oh really? Victor ‘always’ stood by you Nikki? How about the time he said that he wished she was dead (in Mexico) or the numerous times he’s called her a drunk or a lush? … Hold the Christening until I’m done peeing, Nikki might as well have said (does anyone else still use the term ‘powder room’?) … Despite the pregnant pause (pun intended) Sage holding her baby was anti climatic or very emotional …