Thursday, November 3rd

At the penthouse, Chelsea chatters to Connor. Basically, she’s grateful that Grandpa got Adam released but worried about the deal they made.

Adam doesn’t feel this vice grip Victor has on him. Ashley isn’t buyin’ it – what is Victor holding over you to keep you under his thumb. Some deep dark secret? Ashley would help Adam keep it – can he honestly say the same about Victor?

At the church, Victor taunts Billy about losing everything. Billy feels he lost everything the night Adam ran over Delia. You left her alone in the car, Victor reminds. In parting, Billy snarls that Adam’s a hate machine who won’t stop until he destroys Victor – and that’s something I can relate to! Noah arrives – what was that? The rantings of a desperate man, Victor says as he too exits – tell your Grandmother I have an urgent meeting.

Sage, Nick says – as she seems in no hurry to hand her baby back to Sharon.

In the suite, Luca backs away – he doesn’t want Marisa to go to bed with him just to find Eva – this can only happen if you want me as I want you.

Sage, Sharon says. I’m sorry, Sage hands Sully over and runs out in tears. Everything’s OK, Dylan reassures Sharon – and no, they didn’t plan the Christening too son – this is our baby’s special day.

Ashley tries to lure Adam over to the Abbott’s side. She’d treat him as an ally, not a minion. Victor’s a vicious, bitter old man who hurts those closest to him. Ashley will never be Adam’s best friend, but she’ll never hold a knife to his throat either. Adam’s always respected the intelligent, charming Ashley. But there IS no secret. He’s just returning Victor’s show of faith in him. When you want to be honest, give me a call, Ashley as she clip clops out of her office.

Victor arrives at the club but hangs back to watch Billy down a drink at the bar – keep em coming.

Noah informs Nikki that Victor had to leave on an urgent matter (after an argument with Billy) Aside, Sharon insists that Mariah is the perfect Godmother. We love you just the way you are. Just do this for me. Mariah agrees – Sully’s amazing and she could drop kick that doctor who told Sharon she miscarried. Paul arrives to sit with Dylan (holding Sully) Oh how he looks forward to being a grandfather. He then raves about how great Sharon looks (especially for just giving birth)