Thursday, November 3rd

Abby stands by as Ben and Ashley argue. You don’t know me, Ashley snipes. Yes I do – and if you deny it, you’ll be lying to everyone in this room, including yourself! Ben retorts. Abby thinks this intense and uncomfortable. And she’s decided NOT to try to get info out of Adam. Ben’s pleased; Ashley can fight her own battles. We won’t end up in the drunk tank hell bent on vengeance against Victor (like Billy)

Vikki blasts Billy for picking up where Ian Ward left off (with Paragon) It has nothing to do with justice for Delia. You drove drunk! What if Katie or Johnny was in the back seat!? You’re self destructing! Take care of yourself, I’ll take care of the kids. What does that mean? Billy’s upset – you’re going to take my kids from me!?

Please let your grandfather know that the Santori family … Tell him yourself, Noah barks at Luca. Let’s go get our daughter, Marisa exits. Good bye Noah, Luca gloats – then follows Marisa out. When Noah asks Victor if Marisa leaving is because of his deal with Luca, Victor crosses his arms – it’s not his problem if a smiling Marisa just left with Luca.

Vikki and Billy continue to argue. Bottom line; Vikki won’t apologize for trying to protect their kids. And Billy won’t let her take them from him.

Nick knows that this pain won’t last forever – but you can drown in it. Sage is hurting – it scares him. The Minister tells Nick to hold onto his strength – when Sage is ready to let someone in, she’ll need her baby’s Father.

When Chelsea goes to make up the guest room, Sage finds it easy to talk to Adam (not just because he has Gabe’s face) Adam will do whatever he can to help Sage. She relays holding that perfect baby in her arms. Christian didn’t get a baptism, he got a memorial. She can’t describe the feeling of holding Sharon’s baby; didn’t want to let himy go. Chelsea returns to see Adam hugging a weepy Sage.


Next: I can’t let you see her, Adam says. Nick doesn’t remember needing Adam’s permission to speak to his wife… Because of Victor, Phyllis spend our honeymoon in the arms of a ruthless psychopath … Vikki tells Victor to come with her – I have a little surprise for you.

My Thoughts: When telling Vikki that there was an accident involving Billy, why couldn’t Paul just have said ‘he’s OK, just drunk’? … When exactly did Paul change a diaper ‘every now and then’? He just admitted he wasn’t around for Heather or Ricky…. When cancelling her reservation, shouldn’t Ashley have given the bartender her name? Or is he expected to recognize her? And why would she need a reservation for the middle of the day? The club was empty… It’s a good thing a member of the club’s staff stopped Billy – the bartender (and the club) could have been found libel for letting him leave intoxicated. They’re legally obligated to cut a patron off when they’re too drunk – not when a customer’s sister orders them to. You’d think Billy would be a bit more apologetic about getting behind the wheel drunk. It’s not to his credit that he hit a post instead of a child. I bet this doesn’t even get posted on GC Buzz (I’m surprised Victor didn’t tip the press off) … Noah should just let Marisa go. I’m sure he can find someone who doesn’t have a child with a shady ex who’s still in love with her … Why would Ashley want Adam on her side? Didn’t she just blast Billy for re-starting Paragon? (when Adam’s the one who started it initially) …. Chelsea has no reason to be insecure – Adam couldn’t love her any more and why would he want his brother’s leftovers? All that could change though when it’s revealed that Sullivan is Christian – and that Adam’s the Father.. Sharon’s positively glowing today; glowing bright orange.