Thursday, November 3rd

Nick joins Sage on a park bench. You didn’t make a fool of yourself. We shouldn’t have gone. No, you were fine – I lost it, Sage is sick of being the wounded bird (then snaps at Nick for not letting her hold her son)

Nick reminds that the nurse said they might not want to see Christian ‘like that’. Sage wasn’t thinking – I never got to hold our son. I never felt him in my arms! I don’t know how you can fix this! I don’t know how to do this with you. Together, one step at a time, Nick says. Sage just needs to be alone right now. Nick reluctantly leaves her to cry alone – for about 10 seconds. Adam comes along – let’s get you home. No? OK – somewhere else – let me help you.

Luca loves Marisa. He was wrong to force her into this agreement. It WAS good once, he insists. Yes, it was wonderful, but not anymore, Marisa’s sorry – she truly is. Your daughter needs you and you need her – Luca would like to see them together. I’ll take you to her. We’ll get Eva back together. Thank you! Marisa flies into his arms.

As the Minister speaks, a teary eyed Vikki flashes back to her and Billy christening Katie.

Ashley scolds Billy for being at a bar, getting drunk in the middle of the day. ‘Buzzkill’ Ashley orders the bartender to pour Billy into a cab. And cancel my reservation (she’s not hungry anymore) Clearly in no shape to drive, Billy drops stuff and stumbles his way out the revolving door (as Victor continues to watch him)

Marisa’s eager to go – should we bring toys? Eva will be nervous. Yes, Marisa will let Noah know (she grabs her phone)

Adam brings Sage back to the penthouse. Chelsea sympathizes. Sage appreciates that – but no one can possibly understand her pain.

The Godparents are summoned by the Minister – Marisa and Ben promise to love, support and guide Sullivan. Sharon and Dylan promise to love, protect and nurture Sullivan. Nikki and Paul are also close as the holy water is poured. Sharon appreciates her being such a loving grandmother to Sullivan. Victor got called away, Nikki explains. Noah gets a text from Marisa (asking him to come right away) Paul says a few touching words, then excuses himself when he gets an alert. He then pulls Vikki aside – there’s been an accident – it’s Billy. Both rush out.

Billy’s surprised when Vikki joins him in Paul’s office. He’s in handcuffs and scolded for getting arrested for getting behind the wheel. Club staff stopped him – but he still managed to hit a post. Yeah, a post – it wasn’t a little girl, Billy shrugs it off.

Nikki’s with Victor at the club. Yes, the ‘proceedings’ went well. Nikki wonders what important business kept Victor away from the Christening. He’ll apologize to Dylan. He had an argument with Billy so followed him. He was inebriated so I asked a waiter to follow him. Shall we order? Victor’s done explaining. Nikki doesn’t look pleased.

In her office, Ashley rants about Billy driving drunk – but doesn’t appreciate it when Ben disses her brother. Abby’s stunned to learn that Billy’s responsible for Paragon’s comeback. Ashley also relays her chat with Adam – he’s hiding something; perhaps Abby can find out what it is.

At the club, Marisa gives Noah the good news – Luca’s taking her to her daughter. The old Luca is still in there. Unimpressed, Noah wonders how she got Luca to stay – did you sleep with him? Nikki and Victor watch from their table.

Luca didn’t want to have sex, Marisa says. You offered, like with Marco, Noah sneers. Marisa never said she was pure. Luca arrives with their bags – did Marisa give you the good news?

Now at CL’s, Dylan tries to cheer Faith up. Daddy left because of Sage, she pouts. They’re sad – they miss Christian, Sharon says – with lots of love they’ll be OK.

Nick returns to the church – he’s not here to see his family – he came to see the Minister. How can I help someone who doesn’t want my help?

At the penthouse, Sage explains that she can’t go home – not yet – Nick’s there – Faith’s there; I do everything wrong. Chelsea thinks she’s being too hard on herself. Adam suggests one night of no pressure – stay for dinner and the night. Chelsea hesitates – yes, of course. You helped keep Adam alive; you’re welcome here. Stay as long as you like, Adam invites (as Chelsea’s smile fades)