Friday, December 4th

Vikki joins Victor at the club as he ends a business call. Confident that NE is going to be stronger than ever, Victor’s already vacated the building of those who tried to destroy him. In that case, Vikki has a surprise for her Dad.

At the office, Jack rants to Ashley – Phyllis wasn’t home – Victor vacated the 3rd floor overnight. Ian was captured. Obviously Phyllis and Billy sent him to Geneva to get him out of the way. It gets worse, Ashley says…

In a suite at the club, a high heeled shoe kicks aside an empty bottle. Billy grabs legs – Oh Vikki, I knew you’d forgive me. What have you done to yourself!? Phyllis snaps.

At CL’s, Mariah’s thrilled when Dylan announces that Godmothers get free coffee for life. Cut Sage a break? Mariah wants to break her arm. Nick’s going through a tough time too – he’s not having melt downs all over the place. Dr Anderson appears to agree with Mariah (Dylan can’t feel guilty) She’s brought a gift for the baby. Mariah looks suspicious.

Connor and Sage still sleeping, Chelsea feels Adam’s exchanged one prison for another (he’s off to work with Victor today) When Nick rings the doorbell, Adam jokes about them carpooling to work. Nick is there to see Sage. Adam can’t allow that.

Nick doesn’t need permission to speak to his wife. She needs a time out, Adam says. We’re just trying to give her a safe place, Chelsea adds. Sage appears – so, you wanna talk? Do you still love me?

As Mariah continues to frown, Dylan leads Dr A off to the patio to update her on how Sharon and the baby are doing. Mariah’s happy when Kevin returns. Yes, she kinda missed him. Kevin gripes that the lead was false – created by Billy. But there IS a hacker alright – and she’s pretty damn amazing. Mariah looks jealous.

Vikki brings Victor to his old office (sparse but basically the same) The family photos will be there soon – Vikki’s even stocked the bar with Tequila? ~hug~ This means a lot to Victor – who’s delighted when Vikki shows him that his portrait survived the fire.

Phyllis serves Billy coffee (and a scolding) What in the hell were you thinking!? Billy claims she’s partly to blame – for pushing him into going to the christening. After hearing it from Vikki, Victor and Ashley, Billy got drunk. Phyllis won’t let Billy self destruct – Jack’s home – sober up so we can face him. Refusing to hear it again, Billy flops onto the bed.

Back at Jabot, Ashley explains that Billy had to make it look like Paragon was attacking Jabot too. Why!? Jack’s further puzzled upon hearing that Billy’s been working with Phyllis. Why would SHE antagonize Victor? She said he ruined her honeymoon, Ashley relays. Jack tells Ashley that thanks to Victor, Phyllis spent their honeymoon in the arms of a psychopath.

Of course Nick loves Sage – but he’s hurt that she’s turning to other people. Sage doesn’t know why they aren’t connecting. When Cassie died, Nick did the worst thing by turning to Phyllis. You’re putting distance between us, he whines. This is my fault!? as Sage raises her voice, Chelsea leads her into the kitchen. That leaves Adam to stammer apologies – he doesn’t want to come between Nick and Sage. Chelsea and I want to help you find your way back together. What can I do? Can you bring back my son!? Nick marches out. Your son? Adam mutters to himself.

On the patio, Dylan tells Dr Anderson that Sharon’s back to herself. Trying to get info (about Nick) from Dylan, Dr A claims that he confides in me too – it’s not his fault that Sage is having a hard time accepting that Sharon has a healthy son. Dylan wants Sage to be involved with their son. Dr Anderson doesn’t think she can handle it – keep your baby away from her.

Back at NE, Victor thrives on working in chaos. What’s the first order of business? Vikki wonders – having Billy arrested? He deserves it, Victor says. Vikki’s through with Billy – if he doesn’t smarten up, she’ll restrict his access to the kids – isn’t that punishment enough? Plus Billy also faces the wrath of the rest of the Abbott’s. As Victor wonders aloud how best to retaliate, Adam arrives to say ‘as hard as possible’. That’s a good start, Victor agrees.