Friday, December 4th

Ashley’s stunned to hear the full story (that Marco was posing as Jack) It’s a miracle you and Phyllis are still together. Phyllis then marches in – thank God you’re home.

Ashley discreetly leaves Jack to confront Phyllis on the bogus lead in Geneva – so she and Billy could sic Paragon on Victor again. No, Jack hasn’t forgotten what Victor did, but that doesn’t justify … Yes it does justify it – Phyllis and Billy felt avenged. And yes – it was worth it. Jack doesn’t look happy – he hasn’t seem this side of Phyllis in years. But right now, he needs to deal with his brother. He’s at the club, a total mess, Phyllis hopes Jack can get through to him.

At the bar, Billy orders coffee and scolds the bartender for not calling him a cab yesterday. Opening his mail, he suddenly changes his order to a Bloody Mary – the bloodier the better. He slides his keys over – hold onto those.

Sue Jabot? Yes, anyone on the letterhead, Adam thinks that and the Santori money will be enough to put them ahead. I like the way you think, Victor says. At least it’s fair and legal, Vikki approves. Victor leaves them to plot.

Back at CL’s, Mariah wants to talk about this mystery woman Kevin met in Switzerland. Kevin can’t talk about it – and when his phone rings, must excuse himself to speak in private. Mariah’s left unhappy.

On the patio, Dr Anderson reiterates that Sage seeing Sullivan won’t help her healing. She shouldn’t be anywhere near that baby. Since when are you my wife’s doctor? Go back to Fairview and stay there! Nick orders.

Dr Anderson’s just trying to help, Dylan stands to say. Yeah, everyone’s trying to help – Chelsea and Adam took Sage in last night and now Dr Know It All says she can’t be around her nephew?! What the hell!? Where do you get off?! When Nick storms inside, Dr A follows to apologize – sounds like you need to vent. Nick sighs – sure – but I don’t even know your first name. Sandy. OK – Nick goes to get coffee.

Back at NE, Vikki realizes Billy brought this on himself – and she’s not sure what to make of this new Adam (going after Jabot the legal way) She agrees with Dad – letting Adam go to prison would have been a big waste. Adam just wants to repay Victor for his help. Ah – now Vikki sees the Adam she knows – the one who’s trying to snow her.

Phyllis finds Ashley in the lab. Jack’s gone looking for Billy. He’ll be at the bar, Ashley sneers. Phyllis usually doesn’t care what people think of her, but has immense respect for Ashley (who’s heard what Victor did to Phyllis, and is so sorry) She understands but wishes Phyllis had confided in her. Phyllis explains why she joined forces with Billy – she felt empowered. But what about Billy? Ashley worries. Both clam up when Victor appears looking for Jack.

After giving Dr A a mug of coffee, Nick confides then listens; is Dr Anderson suggesting that Sage is better off with her ex right now? Speaking as Sandy – yes – Sage needs to heal; and so do you. Spending some time apart might be good for both of you.

As Mariah listens and fumes, Kevin’s all giddy on his phone call. You’re a genius Natalie – if you’re right about this, it’s gonna be huge!

Ashley scolds Victor for barging in – what can I do for you? Victor asks Phyllis about her homecoming – was Jack happy to see you? He then warns Ashley that she won’t be CEO for long (after the damage two of her executives caused) Ashley threatens to call security. Phyllis guesses that Victor wants Billy indicted. Victor has a better idea – he’s giving them fair warning (more than they deserve)

At the penthouse, Sage mopes. Chelsea claims she’s welcome to stay until she’s strong enough to go home. Sage thinks Nick’s better off without her. No, he loves you. It’s not the right kind of love, Sage says – now it’s pity. Feelings aren’t facts, Chelsea says (wise words from an addict) Sage thinks maybe another child will help – Adam came back for Connor. When she shares deep insight into Adam, Chelsea’s reminded of how connected Sage is to Adam.

Adam claims he’s just helping Victor rebuild Newman – for getting him out of prison. Why is that so terrible? Nick’s heart wasn’t here at NE, and if Vikki’s worried .. No, Vikki’s not worried at all – and she’s sure Victor’s holding something over Adam’s head. I’ll never trust you.