Friday, December 4th

What’s the over under? As his drink’s served, Billy’s placing bets on his phone. Jack appears to grab it. What the hell is wrong with you? Have you any idea what you’ve done?

After Kevin hands up grinning, Mariah teases him about his Swiss Miss. No, she’s not jealous. Kevin can’t give details – but it could change the world.

After Dr Anderson leaves, Nick muses to Dylan – funny that ‘Sandy’s’ suddenly made herself indispensable. Sandy? Yup – a few months ago we didn’t know who she was, now she’s involved in all our lives. Dylan owes her a lot (for helping Sharon)

Chelsea fishes for info from Sage – Adam must have done something to make you go out of her way to help (and lie for) him. You know Adam, he’s charming and confident – but underneath all that, there’s a vulnerability, you can’t resist him, Sage smiles. You fell in love with him didn’t you, Chelsea asks rhetorically (as Adam arrives home)

Still in the lab, Victor tells Ashley that NE is suing Jabot and everyone on it’s payroll. Watch me – I’m gonna bleed you dry. Just business – see you in court. Phyllis balls her fists in fury – Ashley looks worried.

Things heat up at the club. Stop blaming every idiotic thing you do on that poor little girl who died! Jack growls. Billy claims that if Jack had his back, just once … I did everything you didn’t have the guts to do. Jack’s through enabling Billy. You’re on your own now. Wrong – Phyllis is on my side – she wants to see Victor pay too. Unlike you, she doesn’t let her enemies walk all over her. Jack grabs Billy. Come on, Billy taunts Jack – do to me what you won’t do to Victor!


Next: Marisa points her finger – You said you knew where she was. Yes … well, Luca stammers. Was that just a ploy to get me to come to Spain with you?! … I’m giving her the space she needs, Nick says. That’s the worst possible thing you could be doing, Noah strongly disagrees…. Jack visits Adam at the penthouse; You’ve been saying you owe me? I’m here to collect.

My Thoughts: Sandy. Yup – I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the young lady who dove into the Newman pool at Nick’s party … Why should we invest any interest in Kevin’s new mystery? Tag n Grab was a bust – The huge key he inherited from Kay lead nowhere – his Silver Chipmunk motivational speaking fizzled – as did his short stint as a fiction writer. Let’s not forget that he was also the head of IT at both NE and Jabot. And has he retired from his job with the GCPD? So forgive me if I don’t give a rats ass about this Swiss Miss and her project that could ‘change the world’ …. How uncanny that Victor’s office was virtually unscathed by the fire. If only everyone had gone to hide in there. Of course the hideous Portrait of Dorian Gray would also escape any fire and water damage … Good plan Billy – jump back into all your addictions in the restaurant you’re most likely to get busted by everyone you know.