Monday, December 7th

At the club and in Jack’s clutches, Billy doesn’t back down; blasting his brother for letting Victor hurt people he cares about, even Phyllis. On cue, Phyllis appears to break it up – and she agrees with Billy. You let Victor get away with despicable behavior, she tells Jack.

At the penthouse, Sage explains why she helped Adam; he’s charming, intelligent – vulnerable; he’s a hard guy to resist. You fell in love with him didn’t you? Chelsea realizes. Yeah, I did, Sage realizes too. Adam appears – you fell in love with me?

On the patio, Mariah teases Kevin about his secret project with his Swiss Miss. It’s unfathomable, he gushes. Mariah gets it – you’re excited. Kevin claims the brilliant hacker he met in the alps has no idea how big this is or how much she’ll make from it.

In a hotel suite in Mallorca Spain, Marisa wants to see her daughter immediately. No can do – Luca has a PI looking for her. You don’t know where she is!? Was this a ploy to get me to come to Spain with you?!

At Underground, Noah’s sorry he behaved like an ass with Marisa – he needs to convince her to forget Luca and come back to him. Nick tells him that would be a mistake. But you don’t understand. Yes Nick does – better than Noah thinks.

Phyllis just meant that beating up Billy won’t help. Billy doesn’t need Phyllis to come to his rescue. Phyllis insists that Victor deserves to be punished. Jack wants the war to end – to negotiate peace between the Abbott’s and Newman’s. Billy’s still pissed that Jack kept Adam’s secret – and he launched Paragon! Phyllis says they now have a new threat – Victor’s suing Jabot.

Luca claims that Eva is in Mallorca – he’ll have to pay more money for the exact location. You’ll be reunited with our little girl very soon, he vows. Marisa tears up at the thought of holding her daughter. Then what? Marisa’s not sure – there’s nothing left for her in GC. Luca suggests they raise Eva together – in Spain. Marisa reminds, Luca said ‘no strings’.

Nick advises Noah to give Marisa the time she needs – like he’s giving Sage. She’s staying with Chelsea and Adam now. He’s been told to give Sage space. Noah disagrees – that’s the worst possible thing you could be doing.

Sage backpedals – she never loved Adam Neman – she loved Gabe Bingham, the only man she’s ever loved, besides Nick of course. Of course, Chelsea’s sarcastic.

Back on the patio, Kevin talks about getting rich by brokering this new technology to the Newmans and Abbott’s. No he wouldn’t steal from her. The concept only exists in her head. Kevin can’t trust anyone with this. Not even me? Mariah pouts.

Marisa eavesdrops as Luca’s PI tells him that Eva’s probably being picked up at school right now. It’d be easy to grab her. No – Luca wants it done the way he said. Marisa sneaks off.

Noah knows Nick’s doing what he thinks is right – but giving Sage time might look like Nick doesn’t care. He bets Mom wishes she’d have tried harder to reach out. The roles are reversed this time. Nick can’t force Sage to come home. Noah can’t make Marisa come home either – but he’ll fight for her (and thinks Nick should fight for Sage)