Monday, December 7th

Marisa’s about to approach Eva when Luca appears – we have to go through the proper channels. Marisa shakes him off and bends over to say Hi (as Luca hovers in the bushes)

No – a Bloody Mary probably isn’t a good idea, Billy agrees with Phyllis. He doesn’t need Jack to protect him.

Back at the penthouse, Adam reminds Jack that he kept the secret out of loyalty to Billy (not him) Jack then mentions the lawsuit (news to Chelsea) Tell Victor to drop this suite. Of course he will, Chelsea says. No – Adam won’t – the lawsuit was his idea.

Kevin updates Noah and Mariah. Luca and Marisa checked into a hotel in Spain – there’s a school nearby, where a 5 year old girl named Eva is registered. Noah thinks maybe Luca is telling the truth. Look what else I found out, Kevin slides the laptop over. What the hell? Noah scowls.


We must go, Luca comes over to say. Ignoring him, Marisa likes Eva’s teddy bear. My Mommy gave it to me, Eva bleats shly. Why are you crying? she asks.

Sage needs time. Nick can’t stay away from her. This isn’t working – I love you. I know you love me too. Of course Sage does. Nick wants his wife back – I want us together – now. A hug leads to a kiss.

Billy can hold his own with Victor. Phyllis knows that – and Jack has faith in you too. Then cut me loose and walk away, Billy suggests. Yes, you’re right – we should, she agrees.

Adam IS looking out for Jack – Victor was out for blood; YOUR blood – and he secured the means to get it. He was going to use Santori money to get his revenge. Victor loved the idea. What he doesn’t know is that Adam has a built-in exit strategy. All you have to do is cut Billy loose – let him take the fall. Jack looks aghast.

Next: Noah calls Marisa – Luca’s been lying to you. Something about the story about Eva doesn’t add up …. Chelsea asks Adam – Do you really hate Billy that much? That you’d turn his own brother against him? ….Ashley yells – 50 million dollars – to make this go away! You can add a zero to that, Victor replies calmly.