Tuesday, December 8th

At the penthouse, Chelsea is not impressed with Adam’s plan – after all Jack’s done for you, you expect him to dodge a lawsuit by blaming Billy? It’s wrong. Jack makes himself clear – report back to Victor that I will not run and hide while he wages war on my brother. Then you’ll all lose, Adam assures.

Still at the bar, Billy thinks him taking the blame would appease Victor and save Jabot. Maybe he’ll start another magazine, win another bar. Phyllis sees one problem with that – Jack won’t sacrifice his brother to avoid a fight with Victor.

Ashley’s summoned Victor to her office – let’s make a deal.

Kevin informs Noah and Mariah that Eva is in an exclusive school – with the kids of celebrities and diplomats. Isn’t she supposed to be with a poor family. Someone’s lying, Noah agrees.

In Spain, Marisa tears up – I’ve waited a long time for this. Why are you crying? I’m Eva. She then runs off to leave with her ‘Mama’. Luca tells Marisa that the next step is up to her

Yes, Jack’s pissed at Billy, but he’s not turning him over to Victor. You know what Billy’s been through – what he’s lost (it always comes back to Delia) Adam’s taking a risk by telling Jack this – his Father will win the lawsuit and it’ll be over. Otherwise, he won’t stop until he bankrupts Jabot and destroys all the Abbott’s. It’s your job to protect your company and family. Jack will preserve John Abbott’s legacy for every one of his children. After Jack slams out, Chelsea chides Adam – do you really hate Billy that much?

Ashley knows all about what Victor inflicted on Jack and Phyllis (via Marco) Victor wonders how Stitch would feel if he knew that Jack killed Kelly (along with a lot of sailors when the ship exploded) Jack has a lot of blood on his hands. So – shall we talk business?

Back at the hotel, Marisa gushes about Eva. Noah calls to say that Luca’s been lying; Eva isn’t being raised in a poor, abusive family. She goes to an exclusive school. Narrowing her eyes at Luca, Marisa hangs up. Updating Mariah, Noah then needs another favour from Kevin.

Kevin quickly finds dirt on the Santori family – they’ve been investigated for everything from market manipulation to illegal arms dealing. They couldn’t make any charges stick – witnesses recanted – cases with withdrawn. Sure Kevin can send this to Noah’s phone. Mariah worries – these aren’t the people you want to mess with.

Adam doesn’t resent Billy – he feels guilty (over Delia) Chelsea was close to Billy – the same way Adam was with Sage; you shared something significant. Billy’s not the bad guy here, Victor is. You DO have a choice – don’t help Victor anymore. You’re out of prison, he can’t hurt you.

Victor laughs at Ashley’s offer of 25 million. You’re wasting my time. 50 million, she counters. Don’t let our daughter’s wedding be marred by this. Victor wants 500 million. Bye bye.

Billy has to admit (to Phyllis) – Jack’s loyal. He has short-comings though – thinking he can coexist with Victor. We know that’s not possible. Why would we appease Victor? Jack’s voice of reason is powerless against Victor. You know there’s only one way we win this.