Monday, December 7th

Sage doesn’t want to be a complication – or wear out her welcome – she needs some time alone. How about our old place across the hall? Adam can set it up – it’s perfect. Chelsea forces a smile.

Jack’s pissed – Victor’s suing for the damage Paragon did at Billy’s hand (a billion that could bury Jabot) When’s it going to stop? When Billy crushes Victor. Or he crushes us first, Jack bellows – You don’t get it do you – your need for revenge could cost us Dad’s company, Jack’s frustrated. Dad would be prouder of me for standing up for the family name than you for being a coward, Billy stands firm.

Mariah continues to pester Kevin – what are you and Heidi working on? Kevin won’t budge, and money’s not an issue (he’s collecting cheques from Newman and the Abbott’s) And from me – Noah paid Kevin to find Marisa’s daughter. You didn’t do the job! You failed! (at finding Paragon and Marisa’s daughter)

Back at the club, Jack blames Billy for reigniting a war. Billy won’t apologize. He’ll quit – and Victor will leave everyone else alone. Phyllis won’t have it – we ALL want to see Victor suffer, right Jack? Right – but Billy better stay out of the way while Jack cleans his mess up!

Sage out, Chelsea needles Adam. He’s doing what any decent friend would do – giving Sage a shoulder to lean on. No, I’m not jealous, Chelsea just thinks that sometimes it seems there’s more going on. You said you only slept with her once, right? What is it you aren’t telling me?

Nick’s calling Sage when she walks into the club to say that she’s moving back into her old apartment. Yes, across from Adam – he set it up. She’ll pick up her things later. Nick doesn’t understand why she’s doing this. Sage needs to be on her own. If that were true Nick wouldn’t mind – but why does she keep turning to Adam? Why can you share your grief with him and not me?

Sage isn’t trying to shut Nick out. That’s exactly what you’re doing, he doesn’t understand why she’s turning to Adam. Distance is pushing us apart – we need to be together. I’m hurting as much as you are. We lost Christian together. Nick’s talked to Ministers and therapists – but he wants to talk to Sage.

Kevin can’t find Eva when her name is all he has to go on. You’re a smart guy, Noah knows. Kev’s not a magician. Noah guesses it’s not as exciting as corporate espionage. Mariah referees – find out where Luca and Marisa went. Call Marisa and get a birthdate. She’s not talking to me, Noah admits.

At the hotel, Luca wonders where Marisa is. She’s at a playground, photo in hand – tearing up as she spots Eva playing.

Adam ends a call – the apartment’s all set. Chelsea wants to finish their conversation. Adam feels bad about how he treated Sage. She sacrificed everything to help me get back to you. I owe her. Jack knocks then barges in – you’ve been saying you own me. I’m here to collect.

As Kevin works on his laptop, Noah flashes back to confronting Luca – warning him not to hurt Marisa. Luca saying the love they shared will never go away. He then tells Mariah that Nick was advised to give Sage time. Mariah suspects that was Dr Anderson’s advice. No, she doesn’t trust her. Hey guys – I’ve got something, Kevin calls out.