Tuesday, December 8th

Back at the club, Victor warns Noah not to throw a wrench into his deal with the Santori’s – don’t make the same mistakes Billy did. As Noah leaves, Jack arrives. He’s there in good faith to find a compromise. Half a billion would cripple Jabot. Let’s come up with another way. Victor’s embarrassed for Jack – let Jabot dissolve, enjoy early retirement. Go to hell, Jack replies.

Noah sits on the club’s stairs – going over everything he’s learned about the Santori’s – he can’t stand by while his Grandpa brings them into their lives. He makes a call – I have information about a federal crime – there’s an arms dealer doing business in Wisconsin Yeah – I know where your agents can find him.

Back at the hotel, Luca questions Marisa’s choice. Don’t you ruin this for her. Luca thinks Marisa so selfless – he’s so proud of her ~hug~

At Underground, Mariah wants to know about this secret world changing idea. Kevin swears her to secrecy. This hacker and I have found a way to return computers’ privacy – they’ll be impenetrable – hack proof. It’s revolutionary. This is the kind of stuff fortunes are made of. As Mariah goes to the bar, Billy joins Kevin to whine that Victor’s suing Jabot for half a billion. If this goes to court, Victor will know you were working for me to bring down Newman (all while earning a paycheck from him) Got any ideas on how to resolve this? Kevin’s worried.

Ashley wonders if Phyllis will be as loyal to her husband as she was to Billy.

Back at the club, Jack and Victor both list what will come out if this goes to court. Jack’s not bluffing – he tried to reason with Victor after everything he did to him and Phyllis. Now you sit here smugly threatening me. Consider negotiations over. You want a war? You just got one. Victor vows to finish the war.


Next: Sharon asks Dr Anderson – Is something wrong with my behavior? The way I’m thinking? Or feeling? Do I need to go back to Fairview? … Nick’s boxed up the nursery. What are you trying to do – pretend Chrisitan never existed!? … Joe listens as Cane updates Devon (in front of Lily) Not only did she sleep with him, now she claims she has feelings for him – is that right?

My Thoughts: Oh the hypocrisy. Who is Adam to talk about there being a time when a man accepts the consequences of his actions – he’d be in prison right now if it weren’t for his Father’s blackmail …. Noah made a point that he’d paid Kevin for his services – so why is he asking for a ‘favour’? ….. Why is Jack believing Adam that Victor wants to bring down every Abbott? How will Abby feel if he destroys her Mother? And what’s Traci ever done to Victor except give him her deceased daughter’s heart (a big mistake) Shouldn’t someone put out an APB on Summer and Kyle? … Unhackable computers? Then how will Kevin earn a living? He must be fired from the police department by now…. Billy suggests he’ll start another magazine like HE was the one who created Restless Style (which was Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and Jack) He bought the successful lifestyle magazine only to turn it into a trash tabloid to smear Victor’s name … Nice of Marisa to leave her daughter with the only Mother she knows – and nice that Luca’s paying her school tuition. But if Eva’s going to school with rich kids, why not send Carmen some cash so she won’t stick out as the poor kid? .. Calm down Ashley – half a billion is chump change. Victor’s kids sued him for a combined 1.5 billion. Abby’s portion alone was 500 million. Just get her to cut you a check. Perhaps if Victor knows his daughter’s paying the bill, he’ll drop that extra zero. It is all about family after all.