Tuesday, December 8th

Adam’s glad he’s in the position; his Dad’s right-hand man – and able to keep Jack safe. Chelsea again brings up Sage – what am I not getting. Adam insists he’s doing Billy a favour.

At Jabot, Ashley updates Phyllis, Billy and Jack – Victor wants 500 million. Jack won’t let Billy sacrifice himself. He’ll work out a deal with Victor. Wake up, Billy gives Jack a shove – is there? What are you gonna do Jack? When Jack puts his angry face on, Billy crows – THAT’S what you have to do to beat Victor!

Marisa’s furious – why would Luca lie? Let her think the worst? Tell me about Eva. Luca pays her tuition. The family she lives with aren’t rich, but they’re good people. Luca wants to make it right – to see Marisa and their daughter together. I can make that happen.

Noah accosts Victor at the club – why are you going in business with the Santori family – they’re dangerous – illegal arms dealers. Victor knows of no convictions. That’s because they intimidate people. Victor has no problem with that – businessmen at a certain level intimidate people. He warns Noah to leave it alone.

You want to hang onto that girl, Victor gets it – but warns that Marisa’s dangerous; she’s been with a lot of bad guys. You’re lucky that she’s gone. Victor hated seeing Vikki with Billy, the useless SOB. Noah can’t sit by while his grandfather brings dangerous criminals into our lives. Let me worry about that, Victor insists.

Carmen’s been summoned to the hotel suite – she suspected this day would come. The adoptions was a secret. Eva is the light of my life – her life is here. Carmen doesn’t have a lot of money, but Eva’s happy and loved. In tears, Marisa can see that – all she wants is her little girl’s happiness.

Back at CL’s, Mariah again tries to pry info out of Kevin. Why why would the Newmans and Abbott’s pay a fortune for it? Why?

All are skeptical as Jack goes to reason with Victor. Ashley tells Billy that it’s all his fault.

Ashley thinks they should pay the half billion. Phyllis has faith that Jack can ‘combine our assets’. If he doesn’t make a deal with Victor, Ashley’s paying him off. Billy’s input is not welcome. Fine, do whatever the hell you want, Billy marches out.

You think you’re doing Billy a favour? Chelsea’s aghast. Yes, Adam’s taking him out of the fray – protecting him from acting on his anger. I’m giving Billy his last chance – to get his family back. Chelsea gives him a kiss.

Marisa was determined not to raise her child in the life she was leading – I wanted better for her. I was told she was living with an abusive family. Carmen would never hurt her. Marisa’s pleased to see how happy Eva is. Yes, she came to take Eva back. How will I tell her? Carmen cries. After seeing the two of you together – how can I do that? How can I rip Eva away from the only Mother she’s ever known. The women share a weepy hug. Oh God – take care of my daughter – please. Oh snap – Luca didn’t see this coming.