Wednesday, December 9th

Nick’s brought red roses for Mrs Newman – a flower of love. He’s so happy she came home – and will do anything to make her realize how much that means to him (over Nick’s shoulder, Sage isn’t smiling)

Dylan’s giving Sully his bottle – and gushing over the stocking Faith made him. Yes, it’s his sock – a clean one. Paul drops by – perfect timing – just hang onto your socks, he’s warned.

Of course Dr Anderson doesn’t mind seeing Sharon at CL’s instead of her office – it’s so cozy here. Dr A just wanted to check up on Sharon – who knows it’s silly, but has a tiny fear that she might lose Sully. Is this normal? Or should I go back to Fairview?

At the bar, Cane barks at Lily – taking the kids to pick out a tree won’t fix everything! When Devon comes along to tell him to show some respect, Cane blurts out that Lily slept with Joe and now claims she has feelings for him – isn’t that right!? (Joe listens)

Paul enjoys holding this little bundle of McAvoy joy – my grandson. Faith off to fetch cookies, Dylan has a favour to ask – he wants to give Sharon a very special Christmas present.

Dr Anderson reassures Sharon – but hopes she’s not feeling too overwhelmed. Her time at Fairview flew by – she went in confused and came out happy and healthy – and with a beautiful baby boy (thanks to Dr A) It’s time for Sharon to go back on her old meds. The little things bring Sharon such joy – seeing Faith’s footprints in the snow when she goes over to Nick’s. You and Nick live on the same property? Dr A’s alarmed. Why would it matter? Sharon wonders.

Back at the tackhouse, Nick opens a bottle of wine – this is the way it should be – all he wants ~kiss~ Dance? I can’t – I can’t be here in this house, Sage retreats. Making love last night was wonderful – but Sage is moving back to the penthouse – everything here reminds her of Christian. She’s upset to hear that Nick donated all Christian’s things.

As Devon continues to stand between Cane and Lily’s argument, Joe listens (as his name is thrown in Lily’s face repeatedly) I hate you, Lily runs out. When Devon scolds him, Cane looks upset – he hated every word that just came out of his mouth.