Wednesday, December 9th

It was all for show – for an audience of one; Joe Clark, Cane tells Devon about their proof (th hoody) which is inadmissible. He has means and motive; Lily. Tell me you believe me.

In the park, Lily rants to Joe about Cane humiliating her at the club. Joe thinks Cane a jerk who doesn’t deserve Lily. But the twins don’t deserve to be hurt. Joe offers to take Lily and the kids away. Lily tells him about their holiday tradition of going to cut down a tree. Let’s go create some holiday magic, Joe leads her off.

It must be tonight. OK – let’s do it, Paul agrees to help Dylan. As for Faith’s list, she doesn’t maile it – she blastchats it.

Does Nick stop by often? Will he visit Sully? Dr A asks. Sharon thinks Nick has his own stuff to deal with. When Dr A talks of Nick’s loss, Sharon wonders if this is her therp=apy session or his.

Back at the tackhouse, Sage accuses Nick of trying to erase memories of Christian. He’s just trying to help. He kept a few things. Boxing up our son’s life was one of the hardest things Nick’s ever had to do. Sage is sorry – he was right to donate Christian’s stuff. Even with everything gone, I still can’t be in this house. Let’s move, Nick says. No – Faith loves it here. It’s MY issue. It’s OUR issue – Nick is doing all he can to make this work. Does Sage not want it to work?

Paul puts Sully asleep in his bassinet – gets a hug from Faith. I’ll be in touch, he tells Dylan as he passes Sharon at the door. Faith and Dylan work on their Christmas lists – he has just about everything he wants.

Sage wants to feel safe the way she did. Nick knows they can fight their way through this. Sage loves Nick – but you can’t fix this – I must do it myself. I have an ache that is so dark, so deep it doesn’t seem real. I don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other – how to live my life. Not OUR life, Nick guesses he won’t bulldoze the place. You’re leaving. Please don’t fight me, Sage asks – then kisses him atop the head and leaves Nick alone and lonely.

Now believing Cane, Devon apologizes for thinking he could put money ahead of friendship and family. I’m with you if you want to make Joe pay.

Great – this can NOT be happening. On a dark country road, the car’s stalled. No cell phone service. Great – now it’s snowing. Joe will go flag down a car. No – Lily saw a cabin, we’ll call from there.

Dylan and Sharon admire the stocking Faith made – D is for Daddy; what you are to Sully and kinda to me too. Dylan’s proud to be another Dad to Faith ~hug~ On cue, Nick arrives. He was wondering if Faith could spend the night with him. He’ll have her back in the morning. Is Sage there? No – it’ll just be the two of us. Sharon’s OK with it, but Dylan has stuff planned. Can you do it tomorrow night? Aside, Sharon tells Dylan that Nick needs this – it’s the least we could do.

At CL’, Dr Anderson’s reading an online article; The Newman Golden Boy (with a photo of a much younger Nick). Closing the computer, Dr A slides a cellphone out from under a menu and intp her purse

In the darkened cabin, Lily still can’t get a signal on her phone. Joe lights candles. Oh how beautiful Lily looks – Joe knows a way they can stay warm.

Back at the bar, Cane can’t say that he and Lily have reconciled – she didn’t believe him. Hilary still thinks she loves Neil, Devon updates. Don’t give up hope, they both advise. Cane worries – why isn’t Lily responding to his text. The plan was for Lily to take him to get a tree – then take him back to the house; hoping he’d relax and tell her the truth. Devon worries something’s gone wrong.