Thursday, December 10th

Short on time today – you know the drill.

Adam and Chelsea’s snuggling is interrupted by a knock at the door. Sage – she did something crazy. Hi neighbours (she shows off her key)

Will you marry me? Right now? Dylan proposes. Yes! As luck would have it, Paul became an ordained minister online. Nick’s asked to stay and Mariah and Noah arrive with a bouquet and rings. OK – let’s go. Dr Anderson appears to return the phone Sharon left behind. It’s fate – Sharon credits her doctor – please stay. Faith interrupts Paul as soon as he begins – this is all wrong.

Cane and Devon race into the station – telling Kevin they need Paul NOW (Lily’s in trouble – with Joe)

At the Abbott cabin, Joe turns on Lily (who insists she and Cane are fighting) He’s been lying to you since day one and you trust HIM over ME!? Joe’s furious – Lily’s terrified.

Lily knows Joe wouldn’t hurt her – and did he frame Cane to win her love?

Back at the station, Kevin tells Devon and Cane that the car stopped a while ago on the outskirts of town. You’re welcome, he calls out as the duo race out.

As Mariah goes to get Sulky, Nick assures Dr Anderson that he’s fine (his daughter is smiling) Paul begins again – but decides not to read the cookie cutter vows. Here we are – in a room with a boatload of love – if anyone deserves happiness, it’s Dylan and Sharon. Dylan and Sharon say the expected touching words to one another. And with a few tears and laughs, they become man and wife. ~kiss~ Nick’s the only one not smiling.

Chelsea and Adam think it sweet that Nick offered to bulldoze his house to start fresh – and surprised to hear that Dr Anderson thinks Sage shouldn’t second guess herself – do what’s best for the baby’s Father and herself. She won’t intrude on Chelsea and Adam.