Wednesday, December 9th

Lily wants to just talk – get to know each other. Joe’s crazy about her – what else is there to know? Lily again tries her cell – looking for a sweet spot. Joe can find a sweet spot. He heard what Cane said at the club – do you have feelings for me? Yes – but Lily wants to take things slow. She wants to do this right – to wait. Something’s off, Joe suspects – are you setting me up?

Dr Anderson comes across Sage in the park – is there anything I can do to help?

Dylan thinks it a great idea for Faith to stay at her Dad’s tonight – but let’s finish our list. All grow suspicious as Dylan attempts to stall their departure; even blocking the door. Knock knock. Ho Ho Ho (Paul arrives dressed as Santa)

Dr Anderson again apologizes for being insensitive the other day. Wanna talk about it? Sage confides that she got angry at Nick for packing up the nursery. I told him I needed time and space. I should just go home and be with Nick. Dr Anderson takes a seat – perhaps you both need time to grieve alone.

Santa Paul doles out toys to Faith, Sully and Faith again Faith, more for Faith. Nick now understands why Dylan wanted Faith to stick around. Santa Paul then hands Sharon a gift. A bride and groom ornament. Merry Christmas, Dylan and Sharon share a smile.

Lily’s phone is going straight to voicemail! Devon and Cane rush out to save Lily.

In the cabin, Joe’s on to Lily. I’m not the bad guy! he grabs her arm. After everything I’ve done for you. This is how you treat me? Leading me on? Lying? As Lily gets to the door, Joe grabs her – you’re not going anywhere.


Next: The Abbott cabin’s nearby. It’d be the perfect place for Lily to get Joe alone and to talk. What are we waiting for? Devon hops out of the car …. What’s going on? Chelsea asks. I did something crazy, Sage tells her and Adam ….Will you marry me> Right now? Dylan proposes to Sharon.

My Thoughts: Is Sharon a hoarder? It looks like Christmas vomited all over her little home. That said, it does look very festive, cozy and inviting. Odd that there’s no entry way to block the wind – and of course Dylan couldn’t put Sully down before answering the door. With snow on the ground, why isn’t anyone removing their boots? … Paul must live very close (or keep his Santa costume in the trunk …. How romantic; proposing to your girlfriend in front if her ex husband … Good thing the club’s empty as usual- as there’s a fight as usual. If people wanted to see spouses bickering, they’d stay home …. I guess Dr Anderson’s whole plan was cooked up to land her Nick…. You’d think the Abbott’s would have put a security system on their remote cabin in the woods (considering the murders etc) . Proof Cane? How is a hoody proof? And if there’s anything Joe’s DNA is ‘all over’, it’s your wife.