Thursday, December 10th

All raise glasses as Faith toasts the newlyweds. Nick watches as Mariah picks Sully up (and Dt Anderson watched him) A suspicious Mariah has a few pointed words with Dr Anderson. Kevin then calls Paul away on an emergency.

Devon and Cane find Lily’s car broken down – why didn’t she all anyone? Cane thinks she took Joe to the cabin – the perfect place to get a confession.

Joe wouldn’t go after Lily’s brother’s money – and she can’t just leave – where will she go? You’ll freeze to death. You don’t know what’s best for you. Lily owes it to her kids to try save her marriage. Yes, we have chemistry – I’ve turned to you, she admits. You wanted me too – you know you deserve better than Cane, Joe persists. What is it with you women? (first Avery, now Lily) What can I do? let me go. Never, Joe vows.

Avery tried to blame me for something I didn’t do – now Cane’s doing the same thing. When is someone going to defend ME?! He goes on and on about Avery – I’m not the dangerous one. You broke Cane’s arm. When he grabs her, Lily gasps – you’re hurting me. You don’t know what pain is. On cue, Devon and Cane arrive. Joe then put Lily in a choke hold.

After Paul leaves, Nick and Sharon exchange a few kind words. Yes, he’s OK with Faith staying there the night. He’ll be fine on his own. Dr Anderson bids the newlyweds good night, then leaves with Nick. Noah notices Mariah’s ‘death stare’.

Sage, Chelsea and Connor are making paper angels for the tree. It’s therapeutic for me, Sage insists. With kisses, Connor’s taken upstairs – leaving Adam and Sage to have a real nightcap (and toast to Mother’s; I’d have made a good one) Adam’s glad she’s smiling. It’s easier with you guys than with Nick and his children – what’s wrong with me?

No – this isn’t a setup, Devon tries to reason with Joe – there’s a tracker on Lily’s car – we just came looking for her. Someone had to show Lily what HS capable of. If I could do it over, I’d have framed him sooner, Joe confesses. As Paul arrives to arrest him, Lily runs to the safety of Cane’s arms.

Nothing will fill this empty void, Adam knows – but scar tissue will protect you from further pain. Yes – but you got your family back – Christain’s never coming back. Sage tries with Nick, but as Dr Anderson says – I must do what’s best for both me and Nick.