Thursday, December 10th

In the park, Dr Anderson gives Nick friendly (and free) advice. He realizes he shouldn’t have pushed Sage – and asks if she’s married kids? Dr Anderson’s married to her work. There was someone – once.

After Paul takes ‘Chatty Cathy’ out, Cane thanks Devon for believing him – but left alone with Lily, can’t say he forgives her. You believed in HIM – slept with him TWICE. We can’t get past that. In tears, Lily thanks Cane for showing up (and leaves him to look torn)

Chelsea comes down to say Connor has a crush on Sage (who’s honoured) As she leaves, Chelsea invites her to Connor’s pageant (which she accepts with gratitude) Adam’s pleased.

The man Dr Anderson once loved was a bit like Nick. He let you down? He didn’t take any responsibility, she blamed herself (like Nick carries guilt about Christian) Dr A became a therapist to heal herself through healing others. She now feels like she’s ready to try again. Good night Doc, Nick leaves.


In bed, Dylan and Sharon won’t be taking a honeymoon – Mrs McAvoys wants her husband to make love to her ~kiss~ Honeymoon’s over, Sharon jokes as Sully cries out.

The McAvoys are now downstairs with Sully. You have to sing to him, Faith comes down to help out (straining to hit the high notes of Silent Night)

And to a musical montage, we see Nick, Sage, Adam and Chelsea all in deep thought. Cane blows the candles out at the cabin and looks into the night. Lily cries alone in her car. Dylan and Sully have both nodded off on the sofa as Faith thankfully runs out of wind.

Next: Abby and Ben sit in the middle as Victor and Ashley bicker. Maybe you should postpone it – maybe spring time would be better. Absolutely not – you’re NOY postponing your wedding, Ashley snaps .. I’m going to expose Victor for everything he did – at a press conference today, Jack tells Mike. What!? Phyllis walks in.