Friday, December 11th

At the club, Abby and Ben’s wedding planning meeting is derailed when Ashley announces that Victor’s suing Jabot – Merry Christmas. What!? I’m COO of Nemwan, Abby reminds her Father – what’s this about? Victor’s trying to recoup the money the Abbott’s cost him. No, there isn’t ‘another way’.

At Jabot, Mike’s incredulous – Victor kidnapped you and replaced you with a drug lord who then hooked with Detective Harding – who killed Courtney and Austin!? Why did Jack let Victor off the hook? Because people died during his escape. Jack doesn’t know what happened to Kelly – but it doesn’t look good. Unable to make peace with Victor, Jack’s going expose him at a press conference – today. What!? Phyllis appears.

At Underground, Noah’s moping about Marisa not contacting him when lo and behold, she shows up. When Noah asks where Eva is, Mariah assumes it’s immigration problems. No – Luca appears to say he’s the one who had trouble with that (a guilty Noah squirms)

At home, Vikki was hoping Katie’s Daddy would be here to put the angel on the tree. ‘Daddy!’ Johnny gives the newspaper a thumbs up. Vikki scowls at the headline; Jabot Exec arrested for drunk driving. Putting the paper in the trash, she calls Billy (who doesn’t answer because he’s passed out drunk in a suite at the club)

You forgot to declare your hair gel? Mariah quips. Nope – someone told the feds Luca was a criminal. Marisa bets it was Victor. When Noah asks about Eva, Marisa explains that she’s with her adoptive family. It’d be cruel and selfish to rip her away. Noah thinks it was cruel and selfish of Luca to say Eva was being mistreated. He’s been looking out for our daughter, Marisa defends Luca. Yes, he’s lied – but he cares about our daughter.

Billy awakens groaning from his hangover to read a text from Vikki – where are you? What do you care? he gripes as he grabs his coat and leaves.

You’re going to tell everyone what Victor did – to me? Telling the whole world I was duped into sleeping with Marco, Phyllis sputters – tell him Mike. Mike explains the risk (including that to Marisa) Jack will protect her. You’ll protect her but not me!? Phyllis is pissed. Jack’s determined to make Victor pay – will Mike help? He reluctantly admits he can arrange a press conference (which Phyllis won’t allow)

It’s almost Christmas – I’m getting married, Abby whines. Victor won’t withdraw his lawsuit and suggests the wedding be postponed until Spring. Absolutely not, Ashley refuses.

Good luck, Marisa tells Luca (who goes to resolve the immigration matter) She then annoys Noah by defending Luca. He wants what’s best for Eva and me.

At Vikki’s, Billy wants to play a quiet game. Pulled aside, he apologizes for oversleeping. Vikki knows better – you’re hungover and almost slept through the visitation time you demanded. Do you want to make this a court matter? Oh, like your Father did by suing the Abbott’s? You created this problem – Vikki bets Jack and Ashley aren’t thrilled with Billy either.

Ashley insists Ben and Abby stick to their plan (even though the venue they want isn’t available) Henry, the assistant wedding planner appears (Nona’s busy) Ashley challenges Victor to pulls strings – to give Abby the wedding she wants. Alright – you’ll have your wedding, Victor assures – at the Top of the Tower. Yes it’ll be ready by New Year’s Eve. He than takes Ashley off the the bar for further discussion.