Friday, December 11th

Mike agrees with Jack – Victor can’t get away with what he’s done. After he leaves to arrange the press conference, Jack and Phyllis have is out (he blames her teaming up with Billy behind his back) You said you wanted Victor to pay. I’m stepping up and nobody (Phyllis included) will stop me!

Phyllis and Jack’s heated argument continues. I let a stranger into my bed for months – Phyllis IS furious, but not at Jack – she wants Victor brought to his knees, but is Jack willing to risk going to prison? Jack thinks it worth the risk – he relishes taking the stand – Victor has more to lose than I do. What about me? What I have to lose? Phyllis concludes.

At the bar, Ashley reminds Victor that he agreed to give her time to talk her brother into giving him the 500 million he’s demanding. FYI Victor talked to the self-righteous Jack – he declined and declared war on me. So, Victor made the first move. John Abbot would be ashamed of all of you – you’ll lose Jabot. As Abby comes over to scold them, Victor leaves to attend to business. It can’t wait? Abby’s not happy.

Luca manipulated you into living with him, Noah points out. He’s truly sorry, Marisa says – and he forgave me for not telling him we had a child. I’m not a naive fool. Forget it – believe what you want about Luca. Mariah watches Noah left to shake his head as Marisa marches out.

In a suite at the club, Luca talks to Victor about his ‘detainment’. He knows it wasn’t him, it was Noah. His lust for my wife is clouding his judgment. Do you want to teach him a lesson or will I? Victor will take care of it.

Vikki and Billy butt heads until he asks to go play with his kids now. Sure – explain this to them (she shows him the newspaper) Help them understand what you’ve done to our family.

Katie on her knee, Vikki watches as an over-animated Billy talks about pizza and decorating cookies. Mom’s coming over to do that, Vikki weakly opposes – then easily caves in. Mom’s the best, Billy beams over Johnny’s head.

Henry wraps things up with the bride and groom (who looks left out) Ashley will make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Ben and Abby consider postponing. No, Ashley won’t let thisfeud change their plans. After Abby and Ben leave, Mike arrives – Jack told me everything about Marco etc. Disgusting, Ashley sighs – if the truth ever came out.. Oh it will – today, Mike updates on Jack’s press conference – he’s telling the press everything to take Victor down (and save Jabot)

Jack will make Victor pay for what he put Phyllis through. No matter what it cost me??? Phyllis is the same woman she always was – but expose Victor, you expose me. Everyone will know I didn’t know I was sleeping with another man. Jack understands she’s scared. You DON’T understand – we aren’t doing this as a team. Are you just going to go ahead and do this? Yes, Jack leaves Phyllis near tears.

Back at Underground, Mariah knows Noah was the one to call the feds on Luca. I had no choice, he admits. Victor arrives – you didn’t? Really?

Well that didn’t take long – does Luca have you on speed dial? Noah sneers at Victor. Didn’t I ask you to stay away from the Santori’s, Victor reminds. And didn’t I ask you to stay out of my relationship with Marisa, Noah counters. Victor knows Noah didn’t have Luca detained because he’s a dangerous criminal – but to keep him away from Marisa. You may have jeopardized NE and all it’s employees – that’s irresponsible – stay away from Marisa. After Victor leaves, Mariah comes out to say ‘he’s right’.

The authorities won’t be causing any more trouble – now Luca can focus on their investment. Ending a call with his Father, Luca tells Marisa that Victor didn’t call the feds on him – it was another Newman. Marisa doesn’t believe Noah would do that (Eva could have seen her Father in handcuffs) He doesn’t understand that we’ll always be bonded by the child we share, Luca says.

Vikki, Billy and the kids have fun decorating their cookies. Daddy to the rescue, Bully picks up a dropped cookie and repairs it with icing; our family’s whole again.