Monday, December 14th

In the park, Ben confesses – he and Ashley shared a moment while trapped. No, not sex. I told your Mother I love her.

You don’t have to do this Jackie, Ashley pleads – then steps aside. At the bar, Victor tells Phyllis to stop Jack – if I go to prison, so will your husband. She tried – pack a bag and leave town, is her advice. Glaring confidently at Victor, Jack begins – he’s called everyone together to tell them the whole story.

At home, Sully fussing in her arms, Sharon and Faith talk about Sully and losing Christian. Faith is glad she has Sully – we’re lucky aren’t we Mommy? Awkward silence ensues when Nick and Dylan walk in.

When Nikki drops by, Billy makes another appeal to Vikki – I believe in us.

Jack talks about protecting his Father’s legacy, emulating his integrity – and courage. Meeting Phyllis’ eyes, he falters – then continues – sometimes courage is about facing adversity head on, something he learned from his wife. Sorry, there will be no announcement today. Victor then steps in front of the mic (which Jack covers) The press came to hear a story – I have a scoop for them.

Vikki’s been lied to for the last time – Billy was just leaving. No, Nikki doesn’t need to go check on the kids. She squirms as Billy pleads – I love you. You should have thought of that, Vikki lists everything he’s done (ending with the DUI) Billy lists all Victor’s done – it’s fine for Dear Old Dad. How can Victor NOT be dragged into it? We’re done, Vikki marches upstairs. Take your shot, Billy invites Nikki (who won’t say one word)

Ben didn’t mean it – oxygen was low, emotions high. We shared a connection. Yeah, a love connection, Abby tears up. Are there any other moments I should know about? Ben wants to start their life together with no doubts. OMG – does my Mom think you’re in love with her? Is she in love with you!?

As Ashley and Phyllis worry, Victor taunts Jack for giving up – you capitulated on all fronts – thanks for the 500 million. Victor then addresses the crowd – after ruthless rivals unleashed a virus that destroyed NE, they’ve accrued enough money to soar back to the top – where we belong. Jack glares.

After Dylan leaves for CL’s, Sharon’s sorry if things are awkward. Nick understands that Faith’s sad about Christian – and updates that Sage has moved out. Sharon thinks him one of the best men she knows. As she goes to help Faith, Nick’s left to pick up and croon to a fussy Sully. Sharon reemerges to watch.

You slept together. Yes, once – Ashley doesn’t have a thing for me, Ben insists. Abby noticed there’s something between them – her Mom was initially against them getting married. It’s messed up. Ben wants to build the marriage on honesty. Marriage? Abby scoffs – you think there’s going to be a wedding after this?

Ashley and Phyllis both hug Jack – who says protecting loved ones is more important than beating an enemy. Mike offers to look at the lawsuit. No need – Jack OK’s paying the 500 million. Victor tells them he’s the victim – you’re the predators. Draw up a contract, Jack instructs Mike. It ends now Victor – no more blood. My family is done with you. Remember one thing – I will always protect my family and company, Victor warns. You didn’t win – you have no idea what you lost, Jack makes Victor chuckle.

Victor would like the agreement drawn up. Once he signs, he expects the money to be transferred to his account. After Victor leaves to celebrate with his family, Ashley can’t believe she has to plan a wedding with this man. Jack would pay any amount to have that smug bastard out of their lives.

Sharon smiles at Nick; a content Sully sleeping in his Uncle’s arms.