Friday, December 11th

As Jack arrives at the club, Ashley tells him that he doesn’t have to do this – she has the money. No, it’s Jack’s job to protect his family. He’s getting enough resistance from Phyllis (who marches past them to talk to Mike) Look how unhappy she is, Ashley thinks Jack should listen to the people who love him.

The kids in bed, Vikki declares Billy a good Father – but he’s been screwing up. Billy will make it up to her – be the man and Father they deserve. It’s not as easy as fixing a cookie – Vikki’s heard this before – she can’t go down this road again. Billy begs and pleads for one more chance.

Marisa thinks it generous that Luca won’t hold a grudge against Noah. Why isn’t she with him? We had a fight, she admits. Luca’s sorry – he hopes they work it out. Marisa needs time to sort things out. Luca won’t pressure her to stay with him, but is pleased she’ll get a suite at the club. We’ll be neighbours – if you need anything, knock. Good to know, Marisa smiles.

Back at Underground, Mariah tells Noah to take the blinders off – you can’t trust Marisa. It’s been one lie after another (which she lists) She’s had a rough life, Noah thinks Mariah would understand that. You used to be the guy who could read people, Mariah retorts – why can’t you see that Marisa’s using you (another rich guy)? You don’t know what love is, Noah shuts her up.

In the park, Abby wonders why her Mom’s so insistent on them marrying New Year’s Eve. Ben knows why – it’s because of me.

Victor arrives at the club to join Phyllis at the bar – what’s going on? Jack’s called a press conference – he’s going to tell all. Ashley tries once more to stop Jack, then steps aside as he takes the podium – to face Victor and Phyllis.


Next: Who do you think Sully looks more like? Mommy or Dylan? Faith asks – as Nick and Sharon awkwardly look down at the baby … Vikki watches on. Billy looks sheepish as Victor bellows at him – You’re responsible for the downfall of your family…. Abby confronts her Mother – why did you lie to me – about Stitch’s almost last words in the fire?

My Thoughts: The Santori family is so wealthy that they can bail out Victor Newman, but Luca only pays for his daughter’s school? Leaving her and the family kind enough to raise her otherwise impoverished? …. Billy couldn’t even take the time to brush his teeth or wash his face? Change his clothes? Vikki should have recoiled in disgust when he close-talked right into her face. Why is his visitation at her place anyway? Usually, the non-custodial parent comes to pick the children up (thereby giving the custodial parent a break) … Why is Victor speaking of himself in the third person (referring to himself as ‘your Father’ when talking to Abby. Is the ‘the Jimmy’ from Seinfeld?) …. It’d be great if Jack goes through with is press conference – but he’s being selfish in not considering Phyllis’ feelings – and more selfish in not giving Ben a heads up. How will he feel when reading in the newspaper that Jack’s responsible for Kelly’s death – and that it wasn’t her ashes he went to retrieve. And what about Traci? … Gotta say that Eileen Davidson is looking absolutely stunning for 56. It’s almost feasible that would choose Ashley over Abby. Victor’s reaction should be interesting.