Tuesday, December 15th

We’ve both been affected by what Victor did. Jack has blood on his hands. We both have guilt, rage, shame – but Jack wants to know that Phyllis stands with him. Ashley arrives to agree with Jack – if we don’t stand together, Victor wins.

With some great old flashbacks, Nikki tells Sage about losing her baby with Jack. She was lost, so does understand what Sage is going through. Nick loves and needs you. Sage isn’t sure she and Nick were meant to be (like her and Jack)

Victor’s sure Adam will take on something else bold and risky – he’s a chip off the old block. Chelsea’s helpless as Victor says there will always be a challenge, something to overcome at NE – that’s what makes him and Adam tick. It’s what unites us – cheers.

Downstairs, Hilary joins Devon in the dining room. He might be the only person who can help her. Will he invest in Dr Neville’s research? Uh no – Devon’s only keeping quiet to protect Hilary. And your Father (she hints that Dr Neville is sorta blackmailing them) He’s brilliant and his research is important. OK – he’ll get his money. Thanking Devon, Hilary clip clops off.

Nice to see you two together – and tell Connor he won’t be disappointed Christmas morning, Victor’s death mask cracks into a smile. No, he won’t – he has his Daddy home, Chelsea chimes in. They briefly discuss supporting Sage (who Victor’s off to see next) Son, Victor shakes his hand. I’m proud of you, he mumbles (leaving Adam and Chelsea to butt heads over whether Adam will stay at NE) It’s a thin line between love and hate – which is it? she wonders.

Across the hall, Victor also wonders about Sage living across from Adam. Newman men go after things – we’re driven. Nick’s tried, Sage takes responsibility for this and when Victor says he supports her moving elsewhere, she yelps – are you trying to get rid of me?!

Back at the office, Ashley blames her paleness on giving Victor half a billion. When Phyllis asks her to reverse Billy’s firing, Ashley trusts Jack’s decisions (so much so that she’s stepping down as CEO) He and Phyllis can rebuild Jabot.

Ashley will stay on the board – Jack and Phyllis have the passion and brains to succeed. Dad would want this. Something’s wrong, Jack knows – but is cut off with a hug. This is the best thing – near tears Ashley leaves Jack and Phyllis stunned.

If Nick and Sage don’t reconcile, Victor just wants Sage to know that he’ll help her. Nikki agrees – there’s always room for you at the ranch ~hug~ Sage is left to look worried.

No, Victor’s not blackmailing Adam. Chelsea was right – he DOES want his Father’s approval (and frankly, has earned it) There’s nothing to worry about. Knock knock. Here’s Sage. What’s wrong? Chelsea guesses – it has something to do with Victor.

In her suite, Hilary calls Dr Neville to give him the good news that Devon will fund him. Neil returns to apologize – he shouldn’t have accused Hilary of trying to get him alone in her suite. But she does want him alone in her suite. No more time together, please! an irritated Neil heads for the door. Hilary stops him from leaving – you could have said that over the phone too ~kiss~

In Lily’s office, Cane hands her a visitation schedule for the twins – can I come see them open presents Christmas morning? No, Cane won’t stay the night. Lily wants to give the kids one last Christmas holiday together – as a family. Help me give them that. OK, Cane agrees.

What did Victor do now? Sage thinks he told her to leave town – offered me whatever I want. When Adam rants about Victor being a control freak, Chelsea’s glad to see her ‘real’ husband finally show up. But why did he lie earlier?

Arriving at the club, Jack and Phyllis are still discussing Ashley – maybe she’ll change her mind after Abby’s wedding. Victor interrupts their kiss (that warms the cockles of his heart) You’re poorer than a church mouse, he gloats (while Nikki clearly disapproves but remains silent)