Tuesday, December 15th

Now reassured that Neil still wants her, Hilary’s sure he’ll soon admit it – to himself and everyone else. Without a word, Neil exits (to look puzzled in the hallway)

Downstairs, Dr Neville joins Devon (who makes it clear that he’s cutting him one check to protect his father and Hilary – that’s it. No written agreement, Devon shakes Dr Neville’s hand. What’s this about ‘earth shaking medical breakthroughs’? Ashley appears to introduce herself to the interested Dr Neville.

Phyllis reminds Victor that the Abbott’s only paid a third of what his kids sued him for. Hardy har ha – how Victor loves her fighting spirit. Nikki regrets how things were handled. That’s fine – the Abbott’s will rebound, as they have before, Jack’s sure. If you choke on a piece of steak, don’t look for someone to give you the Heimlich, Phyllis snipes. Hmm – Victor was going to have fish – now he’ll have steak.

This is what Victor does – he chases people away from the family. I’ll handle him! Adam assures – then goes to check on Connor (the only Newman man people don’t need to be warned away from) Sage and Chelsea both look puzzled by his outburst.


Next: Sage moving across the hall is a big mistake, Chelsea tells Nick (who’s at the penthouse) .. Noah’s stunned by Marisa – I’m quitting my job here – I’m going to work for Luca … In Victor’s office, Luca looks puzzled – what’s this? I’m paying your family’s investment back with interest. It doesn’t work like that, Luca says.

My Thoughts: “Even the kind of love that created that child” Did Nikki just suggest Sage go have sex with Nick? Why yes, yes she did … The court system work so quickly in GC. Joe’s already serving his sentence before I’ve even removed him from my banner! Buh bye Joe. You were nice eye candy, an adequate actor, but a crappy character painted into a corner …. You know you’re pale when a ghost of ten years tells you you’re pale. But next to the orange ghoul, doesn’t everyone look pale? (except spray-tan Sharon) If everyone’s going to comment that she’s pale, could they not have made her look pale? In no way does Ashley look like she’s had a nap in the park. Didn’t John just tell Ashley she’s not a quitter? Next stop – Jabot to quit job (because that’s what ‘stepping aside’ means) .. Um Dr Neville – Hilary mentioning your name in a print interview isn’t exactly ‘being published’ … Jack may be poorer than a church mouse but Nikki’s the timid ranch mouse – other than rolling her eyes and a silent tsk tsk can she only stand up to Victor when she’s drunk? If so – bottom’s up! And why is a church mouse poorer than a house mouse – and how do atheist mice get by? Ah the holidays – an especially nice time to hear a billionaire gloat about not being poor. I don’t think they know what poor is – poor is eating SPAM on crackers at home, not dining out at the fancy GCAC …. Someone should really throw some salt down at the park. Ashley must have hit her head pretty hard – with the vast number of diseases and conditions out there, why else would she assume that ‘earth shaking medical breakthroughs’ could relate to HER condition. It could just as easily be about cancer, HIV, ebola – anything. That said, it wasn’t a chance meeting. Dr Neville will probably use Ashley as his guinea pig. And if he shut his pie hole so as not to reveal his delusions of grandeur, she might find him charming enough to date. Ben will need medication himself in that event (never mind that HE was once fired from GCM too) Dr Neville has a lawyer on standby in case the DA gets ‘frisky’? Frisky is the last adjective I’d use to describe Mrs Williams. She’s so dour Paul didn’t even invite her to his son’s impromptu wedding or grandson’s Christening.