Tuesday, December 15th

My beauty, John appears. Daddy, Ashley says as sits up on the park’s snow-covered ground.

Billy just lost his wife – now his job?! Phyllis gunned just as hard against Victor – does Jack plan to fire her too???

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam decide to toast to their normal life. I’m happy. Me too. A knock at the door brings Victor – there to celebrate the Abbott’s conceding defeat – victory is ours.

At the club, Cane, Devon and Lily discuss Joe pleading guilty to extortion etc. He’s serving his sentence already, out of state for a minimum of 6 years. Lily thanks both (but only hugs Devon) She’s grateful they saved her. It’s over. But we still don’t know who held Hilary, Cane reminds – we WILL find them.

You’re not in love with me – you love Devon (Neil can’t do this) Why did you come? Because you text me to come over. No, actually I sent the text, Dr Neville announces, as he barges through the door Neil’s about to exit.

Nikki’s dropped by the penthouse to see how Sage is settling in – we miss you at the ranch. Sometimes healing is easier when you’re not alone. Nick’s in more pain than he’s letting on. She’s surprised to hear that Sharon’s doctor approves of her living in the apartment she used to share with Adam. He and Chelsea are great – even inviting her to Connor’s pageant. Sage doesn’t want one more person thinking they know how she feels. But Nikki does – she lost a baby too. You need love to heal that hole in your heart; even the kind of love that created that child.

Chelsea congratulates Victor – you finally got what you wanted (and so did she – her husband at home – now Adam doesn’t have to work at NE amiright?!) That’s Adam’s call, Victor basically leaves the door open.

Noting that Ashley’s pale, John doesn’t want to talk about the business – you’re a fighter, not a quitter. I love you. I love you too Daddy. Ashley now awakens, alone.

Phyllis continues to lecture Jack – why is Billy fired and I’m not? I wasn’t exploited. I’m not weak. And she’s not happy that Jack paid Victor (after what he did to her) You’re my wife – we’re married! Jack reminds. Yes – we took vows – but you didn’t even make it to our wedding night!! Phyllis shrieks.

Are you out of your mind, coming here? Neil worries the cops will arrest them both – maybe even Hilary. Dr Neville thanks Hilary for all her kind (and true) words during her interview. You both saved my life, Hilary would tell anyone that. Dr Neville’s excited – I’ll be published – recognized as a visionary. I need a grateful and motivated investor. You picked the wrong guy to blackmail – you’ve been paid – so leave town. Dr Neville leaves thanking Hilary and ignoring Neil (who’s not worried he’ll go to the cops) He doesn’t think Hilary should be grateful to him or Dr Neville. Good night, Neil exits.

Hilary’s the one who lost the most, Devon says – if she needs this to move on, so be it. Yes, but she’s NOT moving on, Lily points out (*cough* Neil) With nothing more to add, Cane leaves Devon to tell Lily not to give up hope. You and Cane love one another (while Hilary doesn’t love him) Lily’s sad eyes bore into Cane’s back.