Wednesday, December 16th

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“I want in” – Billy joins Kevin on the patio to demand info on what he overheard him telling Mariah the other day. Let’s become masters of the cyber universe together. Kevin looks like he smells something bad (aka; Nikki-face)

At Underground, Mariah’s alarmed to find Noah asleep, folded into a booth. Do I even need to ask? she asks.

Breakfasting at the club, Luca tells Marisa that he’s off to Newman to check on his investment – he’ll arrange for ‘offices’ for the two of us. Marisa scoffs – Victor would love that as much as YOUR Father would. Luca’s not joking – he’s offering her a job at NE.

Victor’s pleased that Adam’s at the office bright and early – otherwise, he’d have to tell Chelsea ….. No threats, Adam cuts him off – his life with his family is a gift, so is this job. Half a billion is a good start. Victor agrees (and Billy’s out of Vikki’s life) Now what will they do next?

Sage drops by Sharon’s – she’s there to pick up Faith to take her to the Nutcracker. Sharon’s sorry – she made other arrangements. Nick didn’t tell you? We aren’t talking much, Sage admits.

Hearing Nick pounding on Sage’s door, Chelsea comes out to tell him she’s not home. Come in for coffee? The penthouse is a place for Christmas miracles after all.

Sharon’s sorry – let me reimburse you for the tickets. No need, Sage understands and thinks it might be best. She doesn’t think Faith would enjoy herself – she’s not sure where she stands. You’re her stepmom, Sharon hasn’t told Faith she’s moved out, Nick probably hasn’t either. This split is temporary – isn’t it?

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea tells Nick that they had a nice time making paper angels etc. Sage was like her old self. Yeah, with you, Nick points out – everyone but him. We spent one night together, then she moved out. Chelsea’s sorry – she doesn’t know when or if Sage will move back in with Nick – but it IS a huge mistake for her to move in across the hall.

We don’t want to do business with the Santori family (Adam lists all the agencies who’ve investigated them) But there’ve been no charges. Noah was the one who called the FBI on Luca. Adam doesn’t want or need the Santori’s telling them how to run their business. So, you’re suggesting I return their money and cut ties, Victor sums it up.

Luca’s going into a hostile environment – he wants someone at his side he can trust. Yes, just business partners. Your street smarts will surprise everyone, including yourself. Marisa has something to do before she answers. Luca’s left alone to take a call from Victor (who summons him to the office)

Pouring coffee, Noah figures that since Victor knows he called the feds on Luca, Marisa must too – that’s why she’s not taking his calls. If she’s with that slimeball, it’s for the best, Mariah decides. Mariah bails when an FBI agent shows up – I understand you have some information for us.

Sharon worries Sage will do things she regrets. As Sully cries, both jump up *awkward*

Hack-free technology is like the holy grail dude. It doesn’t exist dude – Kevin was just trying to make Mariah jealous. Bily then all but threatens to tell Victor that Kevin was the one who helped him revive Paragon.