Thursday, December 17th

Back at Underground, Mariah declares the party a failure. Summer insists it’ll be fun – until Kyle texts to stay he’s stuck at Jabot with his Dad. Billy scoffs – Jack’s relying on Kyle instead of me and Ash? That’ll be the salvation of Jabot.

OK – Ashley will tell Phyllis the truth – she has her eye on another project. You didn’t give Jack any notice. Ash didn’t leave Jack ‘stranded’ – I’m doing this for me. The company needs you, Phyllis badgers. Ashley chases Ben down the hall to gripe about being blindsided (though she respects him being honest) There’s something she needs to ask him.

Ashley asks Ben about Dr Neville – he sounds like a miracle worker – is he the real deal? He’s brilliant but takes risks, Ben wonders why she wants to know. Devon’s funding one of Dr Neville’s projects. Ben thinks that a bad idea – he’s being investigated – don’t get involved.

At the club, Neil’s more than willing to confess to end this blackmail. It’s better for everyone if the truth doesn’t come out, Dr Neville says. Paul saunters over – recognizing him as the fake florist he spoke to at GCM. I know exactly who you are and what you’ve done.

Marisa’s surprised to find Noah at NE – and Luca finds his sudden job switch a bit ‘obvious’. Yeah, Noah’s a bit embarrassed. He’s proving himself to his Grandpa and won’t interfere with their work (he’s not even high enough on the food chain for that) We all have to start somewhere, Luca seems agreeable.

Jack isn’t eager to accept help from Adam (who just wants to make amends) But you don’t want Daddy to know about this – you’re not leaving NE are you? Jack guesses correctly. No. Then shove it – your business is with Victor.

Abby continues to give Billy a pep talk – you’re not a fun drunk. He’s sick of lectures and doesn’t need Abby to take him home. He orders another glass of holiday cheer from Humbug (Mariah)

Vikki must protect her kids from the unpredictable Billy. Throw him a lifeline, Chelsea nags – you can get him back on the right track. The kind of love you and Billy have is rare – isn’t he worth fighting for?

Back in Victor’s office, Noah’s thanked for showing them around. If there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know. Done groveling, Noah’s off to Underground for a Christmas party. Luca understands why they aren’t invited – you’re dismissed Noah. Working to keep his smile in place, Noah escapes.

Joining Abby at Underground, Ben’s updated – Summer’s bummed because Nick and Kyle aren’t here. Mariah is grumpier than usual. Billy’s drowning his sorrows and she can’t reach Vikki. Ben just saw Ashley at GCM; she’s thinking about going into business with Dr Neville. What!? She belongs at Jabot. So does Billy. Abby wishes they’d realize they’re better together than apart.

Phyllis interrupts Jack and Kyle to suggest he go meet Kyle at Underground – it’s her birthday. Jack reluctantly agrees – go have fun. Now alone, Jack lists all that’s going wrong – he’s not sure he can save Jabot.

Are you arresting Dr Neville? Neil asks. Interrupted, Paul’s surprised to hear that Devon’s funding Dr Neville’s work. We’ll do great things, Dr N says as he leaves. That leaves Paul to wonder what’s more unbelievable; that Dr Neville doesn’t know who hired him to take care of Hilary – or that he’s going into business with Devon. The chief would love to hear the explanation for that.

Devon doesn’t believe Dr Neville doesn’t know Hilary’s kidnapper either – he’s funding him to gain his trust. If you discover anything helpful, you could always call 911, Paul’s gives them a look and leaves. You’re playing a dangerous game, Neil warns Devon that he’s caught between a suspicious cop and a loose cannon. Devon can handle it. They then watch Ashley join Dr Neville at the bar – she has a proposition for him.

Jack needs Ashley and Billy – a united front. Kyle doesn’t have enough experience. Adam’s right, I need all the help I can get (and don’t have it) Phyllis can’t believe he listened to Adam. She spoke to Ashley – she’s not coming back. McNamara can take over for Ashley and Phyllis will take Billy’s spot in R&D. Jack likes it.

Kyle joins Noah and Summer at the party (thanks to Phyllis, he got the night off) They won’t let business come between them. Kyle’s ready for the extra responsibility at work and eager to buy Summer her first legal drink at midnight.

Abby and Ben head Vikki off at the door and try to rush her out of Underground. But why? she wonders – then spots the reason sitting at the bar; Billy.

We shouldn’t have come here, Marisa frowns into her wine. And not just because of Noah. Luca doesn’t think she needs to hide from her friends – you did nothing wrong. Mariah appears to disagree. First round’s on me, Noah says as he whisks Mariah aside. He won’t let Luca get to him. Mariah, Kyle and Summer are surprised to hear he’s working with them at NE, then suspicious – what’s really going on??