Thursday, December 17th

Ignoring Ben and Abby, Vikki makes a beeline for Billy (who doesn’t want to hear it – leave me alone)

At the penthouse, Chelsea isn’t surprised to hear Jack declined his offer to help. Her attempt to help Billy didn’t work either. Vikki doesn’t want anything to do with him. Maybe I shouldn’t have butted in. Chelsea’s reminded of how lucky they are to have a second chance ~kiss~

Vikki wanted to give Billy a chance. To do what? he sneers – apologize? You said you’d change, Vikki reminds – begged me to give you another shot. He’s not surprised that Chelsea tattled about his gambling. You can’t even let up at a damn Christmas party, he wobbles off his barstool. Ben races over – time to go. Take me HOME? Billy laughs – she kicked me out (maybe to make room for you) Throwing a weak punch, Billy ends up under at table (then is helped out by Ben as Abby comforts Vikki)


I’m an exceptional chemist, Ashley would like to be part of Dr Neville’s research team – if he’s really on to something. I am, Dr Neville promises satisfaction she’s never known before – strictly professionally. Not happy to see Dr Neville shake his partners hand, Neil tells Devon that he’s going to watch and wait.

Chelsea and Adam are on the couch, making out beneath a blanket.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis is ready to close up shop for the night. This will be good for you, for us. We’ll come back stronger than ever before, she promises. On to other things, Jack agrees and follows her out.

Next: Gwen confronts Neil – I’m one of the few people who really knows what happened at the boathouse. You owe me …. In the lab, Jack clearly disapproves of Ashley – you’re in business with this guy? The guy who was hiding Hilary? Not hiding, saving, Dr Neville corrects …Why are you here for? Billy asks (still drunk) Redemption, Phyllis replies.