Wednesday, December 23rd

Outside Hilary’s door, a lonely Devon flashes back to giving Hilary the eternity ring. She appears to give it back to him – you should have this, and the wedding ring. No way is Devon taking them back.

Cane’s favourite Christmas story of all time is the one where he and Mommy announced to the world that the twins were coming. Yes, out of Aunt MacKenzie’s tummy. Alone with the twins, Neil says they need to find Mommy’s stash of secret Christmas decorations.

Vikki and Adam try to entice Victor into coming upstairs – there’s a bottle of Tequila with your name on it. Victor just got a lecture from Billy – stay away from that idiot, he warns Vikki (who gives up and heads back to the party) Adam stays to badger Victor (who won’t be lectured about family – not by a man who can’t look his wife in the eye because he had a baby with Sage)

Sharon leaves Dylan (holding Sully) to tell Nikki how happy he is.

At the club, Traci greets Ben and Abby – can they skip the Newman party? She really needs their help rallying the Abbott’s (Ashley’s still working) Abby and Ben will go fetch her. Traci’s off on a solo mission that won’t be pretty.

At the club’s bar, Billy gets a text from his bookie (‘feeling lucky? any bets’?) Traci appears – Enjoying your drink? Texting your bookie? Giving him a scolding//pep talk, Traci won’t let him drown in his misery. She was going to take him with her tonight, but there’s someplace else you need to be. Giving him a kiss, she steps aside to take Kyle’s call. As Billy ponders her words and his drink, Vikki arrives.

Ben and Abby arrive wearing Santa hats and beards to persuade Ashley to come with them. Dr Neville will stay ‘in his element’ and drink the ‘green stuff’

No more interruptions please, Victor says – then softens when he realizes it’s Faith. Hi sweetheart – what are you doing here?

Meanwhile, Adam returns to the party to update that Vikki took off – Victor wasn’t exactly welcoming. We can have a party without Scrooge, Nikki says. Summer takes Kyle aside – this is the most depressing Christmas party ever. Kyle’s glad it’s over – we have someplace to be (they run out) Adam takes Sully from Sharon’s arms; smiling at the baby in his arms.

Bringing the kids down, Vikki wonders where the extra presents came from. She then sees Billy hovering in the doorway (he\s let himself into the house)

Faith asks Grandpa why he’s so grumpy – it’s Christmas Eve. Come to the party – everyone misses you. Victor’s busy working – making money for all of his family. One day, you and your cousins will inherit this office. The chair too? Liking the idea, Faith giggles as Victor spins her around in the chair, but then gets serious; If she has to miss parties with her family, she’s not sure she wants the chair.

Meanwhile, Sharon asks Adam if the smile on his face is due to time he missed with his son? What?! Sharon means when Connor was a baby. Dylan appears to take Sully. Has anyone seen Faith? Mariah asks. She’s right here, Victor arrives, much to Nikki’s surprise.

Jack and Phyllis jump up in robes as Traci arrives with Ben, Abby, Summer and Kyle. Ashley’s on her way. Half a billion dollars comes and goes, Traci waves her hand – family is forever. All hug and tear up.

Keep these, Hilary says. Devon won’t take them back – nothing’s changed for him since that night. He’ll never stop loving Hilary. Put them away or give them to charity. Why isn’t he at Lily’s? Hilary knows Neil used the excuse to push her away – because he loves you. You don’t, Devon concludes.

Mistletoe, the twins point and shout in unison. How did that get there? Lily wonders. Neil persists – look at those faces; you don’t want to disappoint the kids or break the laws of Christmas. One quick kiss, Lily agrees. Both look affected by it.

Vikki scolds Billy – using your key makes me uncomfortable. Don’t do it again. Billy ordered a drink but didn’t drink it – he’s not giving up – he’ll fight and do whatever it takes to win Vikki back.