Wednesday, December 23rd

Nikki praises Faith for getting her Grandpa to the party. Chelsea talks to Adam about the look he had while holding Sully – your emotions were written all over your face. You’re ready for another baby – and so am I. Victor and Adam exchange a look.

We’re forever and ever – meant to be, Billy tells Vikki it’s time for him to leave now. Hearing Johnny awaken, she invites him to stay. Hell yes, I mean God bless us everyone, Billy’s happy.

Devon thinks perhaps Lily wanted Neil at the house. He cares about you. Stop trying to make me feel better – it’s too weird, Hilary says. Devon agrees – he never thought things could get more complicated between the three of us. Would it be weird if we tried to be friends? Hilary wonders.


Cue the sappy montage: We all deserve love and care, Neil talks to the Ashby family about love and forgiveness…. Victor addresses his party – we’ve risen from the ashes…. The cabin is full of happy Abbotts. Some related by blood, some by marriage. All by love, Jack says. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…. Victor again – This is not just a company – it has a heart, a soul. Any Newman will have a role in it. He wants to welcome someone back he’s very proud of; Noah… Jack mentions his Dad – John Abbot built a port in the storm; Abbott’s will come and go – but an Abbot will always be at Jabot…Neil talks about family not being easy – we must give it the respect it deserves. Sometimes we forget – that’s why, especially now, we need to remember.
All raise a glass as Victor toasts – to family. The Abbott’s do the same. Neil and the Ashby family clink mugs – to family….Adam kisses Chelsea. Lily and Cane lock eyes. And now a round of kisses.

Next: Adam comes out of the penthouse to scowl at Nick and Sage kissing passionately…. Abby runs to keep up with Ben as he makes a beeline over to Billy (with Vikki) Walk away Billy, because I have no trouble helping you out of here with or without your cooperation …. Luca frowns down at Victor; We’re your partners – you seem to forget who you’re talking to.