Tuesday, December 22nd

At the club, Jill’s terribly worried about Billy’s tailspin – he might be in a ditch somewhere. Or over there; pointing him out at the bar, Collin thinks Billy looks pretty good for just ‘stepping out of a ditch’.

Nikki and Vikki put the finishing touches on decorations for tonight’s family Christmas Eve party. Nikki hopes Billy doesn’t show up to ruin another party – but can’t deny she’s throwing the party in the same building at Victor’s office – hoping he’ll stop work and drop by.

Victor’s summoned Luca and Marisa to his office – to tell them to go home and enjoy the holidays. Luca suspects it’s not a gesture of ‘good will’ – Victor just wants to forget his deal with the Santori’s.

Cane finds Lily wrapping a gift in her office. No, he’s not canceling their last family Christmas together – he wants to stay the night in the guest room if that’s OK. Yes, it’s OK with Lily.

At the club, Devon doesn’t care about the forecast – he wants his jet ready to take him far away from GC for the holidays.

Outside the lab, Neil chases Hilary to tell her she’s not obligated to be Dr Neville’s lab rat. Someone has to, Hilary argues – and it’s MY choice.

In Ashley’s office, Dr Neville asks her to weigh in on a conflict with Gwen’s budget. Ashley? Are you alright? Eyes closed, she seems to be suffering from a headache.

Ashley blames her headache on Dr Neville arguing with Gwen. He doesn’t want to waste time on paperwork while someone might be out there suffering. We owe it to that someone to make sure everything is done properly, Ashley basically says.

Still in the hallway, Hilary tells Neil that Neville’s threat to expose him just proves his dedication to helping people. You can handle him – the real wild card is your ex-girlfriend; who is also using info on Neil as leverage. Gwen’s not working here because Jack laid her off – she wants you back. Oh look – it’s Gwen *awkward*

Doubting Victor will show up, Nikki suggests Vikki invite Billy. Vikki wants the kids to see their Father as a hero – but what if he shows up drunk? Both would dearly love a sappy, old-fashioned Christmas wrapped up in a bow. Nikki chokes up when she sees the Grinch (who reminds her of Victor)

Listening to Luca accuse Victor, Noah comes in to say them leaving was his idea. He’ll stay to work – he has a lot to learn from his Grandpa anyway. Luca accepts. Merry Christmas, Marisa wishes Noah (as they leave Victor to praise the ‘smart boy’) Noah’s been working on something he’d like to show his grandpa. In the hallway, he finds the proud parents looking at a photo of Eva. Look closer, Luca shoves his phone at Noah. It clatters to the floor. You did that on purpose, Luca accuses.