Monday, December 28th

Kevin won’t cheat a friend. It’s creative accounting, Mariah suggests he tell Billy he needs 2 million (when he only needs 1) If he’s desperate, he’ll give you whatever you want. Kevin mulls it over.

Back at the club, Billy blathers on about proving himself to Vikki by investing in a project – he needs to raise some capital; without the Abbott name. Getting a text, Billy claims his luck’s changing already. After he leaves, Phyllis makes a beeline for Vikki.

Vikki and Phyllis butt heads over who’s done what to whom – but are both pulling for Billy. Vikki hopes he gets his life back on track, but isn’t convinced he will. Phyllis knows what it is to protect your heart – hers was betrayed in the worst way possible. Who betrayed you? Vikki wonders.

Summoned to the patio, Billy’s asked for 2 million dollars. Kevin senses hesitation. What changed your mind about bringing me on? Billy wonders.

Also at CL’s, Mariah tries to get Marisa to leave town. She has deep feelings for Noah, and Luca – oh what to do. It’s not fair, but it’s hard to let go. You can’t have them both, Mariah says. Marisa agrees – it’s time to set things straight with Noah.

Noah’s in Victor’s office – he’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of the Santori’s. Even using Marisa? Yes – she’s gone back to being Luca’s wife in every way, just as you said all along. Victor’s sorry – he knows it hurts. She doesn’t care about me, Noah pouts – why should I care about her?

At the penthouse, Adam tells Luca that Victor’s got a plan to oust him from NE. He’s no match for the Santori family, Luca says. He’ll use Marisa, Adam confides – he’s not a big fan of his Father’s. He’s blackmailing me into helping him. They bond over being under the thumbs of overbearing Father’s. Let’s put ourselves at the top of the food chain, Adam suggests an alliance.

Are you Billy’s guardian angel? Vikki asks Phyllis. He’s the pain in the ass brother I never had, Phyllis doesn’t want to see Billy get hurt. Vikki may be the only one who can save him from himself.

You begged me to get in – and now I let you and you’re questioning it? Kevin wants Billy because he’s already in the loop – he needs to let Natalie know they have backing before she takes the project to someone else. 2 million’s a lot – but Billy’s in and will have it tomorrow (and soon, his family’s respect)

Victor instructs Noah to get info on the Santori’s illegal activities (from Marisa) And what will happen to her? Good question. If she stays married to Luca, she’ll go down with them. And if they find out she betrayed them?? Speak of the devil – Marisa arrives to speak to Noah.