Tuesday, December 29th

** Second attempt to reach a subscriber with the initials LW. I’ve received your emails that you aren’t receiving the spoiler but everything is getting bounced back to me because your ‘mail folder’ is full. Hope you see this! **

In a suite at the club, Nikki, Chelsea, Summer and Traci gush over blushing bride Abby. She can’t believe it’s finally here – New Year’s Eve; her wedding.

At the Top of the Towers, Dylan’s best man and best friend. Is Ben having second thoughts due to Ashley? (who then appears on cue)

In the lab to pick up Hilary for the wedding, Neil’s not happy to find Dr Neville drawing her blood – less happy to hear he’s going to the wedding too – escorting the Mother of the bride.

Wrapping up a meeting in Victor’s office, Adam hurrying out leads Noah to believe he’s up to something. Victor has no idea.

Luca’s dressed to impress – and there’s a dress for Marisa in her closet. But we’re not invited to Abby Newman’s wedding. We will be, he’s sure.

Faith arrives at Top of the Tower with Nick and Sage – she tells her Mom, Mariah and Kevin that she likes it at the penthouse – but there’s one problem.

Joining Billy at the club’s bar, Phyllis is pleased that he’s drinking iced tea (but not sympathetic that his horse lost) His bookie calls – again. What are you going to do? Phyllis worries. About what? a curious Jack appears.

Dylan tells Ashley how stunning she looks and what a great job she did decorating. Ben appreciates all her help. No need for thanks, Ashley goes to check with the caterer. That leaves Ben to assure Dylan that Abby’s the only woman for him – the only thing missing is Max.

Summer and Nikki discuss Kyle being laid up with the flu. Vikki also there, Abby mopes about Ben’s ex-wife not letting Max come – but she won’t let her ruin the wedding.

After Dr Neville leaves, Neil doesn’t agree that he’s ‘harmless’. And if Neil doesn’t want to be seen with Hilary …. Neil hasn’t been avoiding Hilary – Lily needed him over the holidays.