Monday, December 28th

Adam encourages Luca to come onboard (to oust their Fathers) You’re dreaming, Luca says. Oh but Adam has a plan.

Kevin calls Natalie – I have the money. Next step you come here. I’ll take care of you. Mariah appears to tell Kevin not to feel guilty – Billy will thank him. We make a good team, Kevin says (as they make things awkward by getting a bit too close) Kevin then tells Mariah about the project (ending identity theft) This is big, Mariah says – but worries Natalie’s a thief herself.

Billy’s summoned his bookie to the GCAC – he’s got a sure thing; All For Love in the 5th to win. Yup, it’s a longshot, but Billy needs two million.

Flashing back to Billy vowing to make it up to her, Vikki passes Noah and Marisa to enter her Dad’s office. He has a plan to get rid of the Santori’s (but won’t share any details) Vikki’s insulted that Victor trusts Adam and Noah, but not her.

In the hallway, Marisa insists on explaining – it’s the least I can do. She wasn’t expecting to sleep with Luca. We have a complicated relationship – we share a child, a history. Noah knows he pushed her right into Luca’s arms.

So – we both make anonymous tips to the FBI. Luca tells them about his family’s connections to crime – Adam blabs about Victor’s connection to Annacelli. Once our Fathers are arrested, we take over. Why should Luca trust Adam? Because we both want the same thing. Our Father’s are alike (and post a threat to their relationships)

Kevin’s excited about this project – he wants to be seen as a pioneer in the computer field, not just a geek. You’ll always be a geek to me, Mariah teases. What will she do with her huge paycheck? Money’s not her big thing – she wants to be loved. You already have that, Kevin holds her gaze.

No. No. Dammit. Gimme a scotch, double! Billy’s horse clearly didn’t come in. Cancel that, Phyllis appears at the bar to ask what the hell’s going on.

Trust me, Victor gives Vikki a hug. This is part of the business he doesn’t want her involved in – it’ll get dirty. OK, but Vikki wants Noah protected. Victor promises no harm will come to him.

Noah continues to grovel to Marisa – no one could blame you for turning to Luca. Don’t feel guilty for choosing him – be happy (though Noah still loves Marisa – that hasn’t changed)

Luca’s always wanted to stop his Father’s illegal doings and take the company legit. He’d rather deal with Adam than Victor. To the next generation of Santoris and Nemwans, they shake hands. Out with the old.

Next: I can’t believe it’s finally here; New Year’s Eve – my wedding day. Dressed for her wedding, Abby’s in a suite at the club, surrounded by Traci, Vikki, Summer and Nikki … On the rooftop, Dylan just wants to make sure Ben’s not having any second thoughts. Ben looks over as Ashley appears to smile at him.