Wednesday, December 30th

Dancing, Ben fails to convince Ashley to go to the hospital. Nikki praises Victor on his speech – cheers. How about now? Ben again wants to bail – no one will miss us. He wants to start 2016 alone with his new wife. As their absence is noticed, Ashley pouts – I didn’t get to say goodbye. In the parking garage, the newlyweds skip off without seeing Billy crumpled on the ground.

Neville continues to badger Ashley – you look like hell. Let me help you. You can’t help me, she marches past a puzzled Jack.

As Sharon and Dylan escape, Victor interrupts Nick and Sage – pleased to hear that he’s moved into the penthouse. Adam and Luca watch – hell yes the plan is still on. Devon and Hilary clink glasses. Watching them, Neil tells Nikki that he’s tempted to drink – he wishes Hilary would get over him. And you, my dear, can help with that.

Vikki gripes to Jack and Phyllis about Billy not being there. Jack updates that they had words and he left – Billy’s off the rails. The only person who can help Billy is Billy. As Vikki goes for cake, Phyllis scolds Jack (who’s more worried about Ashley)

Neville finds Ashley having a fit in the lab. What’s wrong with you Ms Abbott? Somewhere in this mess there may be a cure. Not for me, she says.

I had an aneurysm a few months ago, Ashley confides. During surgery, the surgeon found something. No one knows – Abby can’t know. This is MY life and that’s how it’s going to be. Yes, it’s your LIFE – worth fighting for is it not? Neville will see to it that she lives her life.

Ben carries Abby over the threshold to their suite. We have a marriage that’s forever and a plane to catch ~kiss~ But surely there’s enough time. Happy new Year.