Wednesday, December 30th

Home and in bed, Dylan and Sharon do their own countdown. 10, 9, 8 ….

3..2…1.. Happy New Year! The crowd at the towers celebrate. Adam and Chelsea kiss. Nick and Sage also. What the hell! Kevin and Mariah smack lips. Jack looks worried as he kisses and hugs Phyllis. Mike kisses all the single ladies. Noah watches Luca kiss Mariah. Without kissing Devon, Hilary makes a beeline for Neil, and is stunned to find his lips locked on Nikki’s!

Billy coughs and crawls along behind the parked cars.

That? Oh that. Nikki’s a great friend who encouraged Neil to move on with his life – which he’s doing. She’s incredible. Neil kisses Hilary on the temple – Happy New Year. Devon accosts Neil – he saw that and knows what he’s doing. You want me to stop? No. Happy New Year.

Back at the lab, Neville vows to find a solution for Ashley. What if you can’t? Then you die – you’re terminal – what do you have to lose? Neville asks cupcake if she’s in or out. OK, but nobody can know about this. Neville’s excellent at keeping secrets (they shake hands) Happy New Year, Neville says – then goes to clean up.


The newlyweds are in bed. Oh no! We can’t miss our flight! Happy New Year Mr Rayburn. Happy New year Mrs Rayburn ~kiss~

Billy stops crawling behind Noah’s vehicle. Noah gets in and must reverse to get around a jack ass who parked too close. Noah! Marisa comes out, too late to catch him but in time to find Billy and call an ambulance. Billy does not look good.

Next: Paul grills Marisa – I want to find the driver who did this to Billy Abbott…. Vikki shouts at Jack and Phyllis – Billy’s in that room because of the choices HE made! He did this to himself… Jill’s at Billy’s bedside – I know you hate when I get mushy like this, so wake up and tell e to shut up.