Thursday, January 1st

Happy new year! We’ll be back on schedule Monday.

Vikki leaves Jill at Billy’s bedside – he’s talking like you’re already gone – they’re all giving up on you. Oh baby – you’re gonna wake up and come back to me. Wake up dammit! Blah blah blah.

In the hallway, Phyllis rants at Jack for not supporting Billy. Vikki comes along to say they shouldn’t feel guilty – Billy did this to himself.

Nikki’s in Victor’s office to scold him for not supporting his daughter.

Marisa’s in Paul’s office – offering anonymity and protection, he wants to find the driver who did this to Billy. Marisa flashes back to seeing Noah drive away.

On the patio, Kevin mentions their New Year’s kiss to Mariah, but he’s also concerned about his deal with Billy (and Billy himself)

In the lab, Dr Nevile pressures Ashley to call Abby about Billy. No – someone in my family deserves happiness, Ashley refuses.

Abby and Ben awaken in paradise ~kiss~

Back at GCM, Vikki continues to lash out at Phyllis – Billy’s in there because he’s been drinking and gambling. Yes – to get money for a business venture, Phyllis snarls – to prove himself to you, and Jack! Billy’s trying to change himself – but you don’t see that because you’re Victor’s daughter. You and Victor pushed Billy there.

Nikki doesn’t understand how Victor can be so cold – Billy is Katie and Johnny’s Father. He’s been given chance after chance, Victor scowls. Billy Boy Abbott tried to destroy our legacy. He was grieving his daughter’s death, Nikki reminds. She seems stunned to hear that Billy was beaten up by his bookie.

Any detail could be significant, Paul pushes – Billy’s fighting for his life. Marisa’s sorry – I can’t … Billy lost a daughter to a hit and run driver, Paul says he deserves justice – help me. Marisa has nothing more to tell. All she saw was Billy on the ground bleeding. I didn’t see any car, or anyone.

At CL’s, Noah’s angry that someone did this to Billy (and Vikki and the kids) He wishes he’d stuck around (to maybe see what happened to Billy) Kevin and Mariah tip Noah off that Billy may have been gambling to come up with money for their agreement. Noah tells them not to blame themselves – the hit and run driver is the guilty one.