Wednesday, December 30th

All gasp as Ashley flops onto the aisle. Ash! Ash! It’s Ben – can you hear me? Ashley awakens – Ben? she bleats.

Going somewhere? You owe me – it’s time to pay, Gil throws Billy against a wall in the garage.

You fainted, Jack explains, Ashley gets up and tells everyone to stop being ridiculous. You need to see a doctor, Jack persists. Dr Neville appears to say that Ashley is overworked; she just needs something to eat and drink. Ben’s concerns are shrugged off too. Ashley’s fine, just exhausted from planning the wedding. She’s not going anywhere until Ben and Abby say I do.

Ben and Abby say I do and all chuckle as comedian/best man Dylan pretends to have lost the rings. Oh what fun.

His back against the wall (literally) Billy vows to pay Gil the 200K he owes – Abbott’s pay their bills. Billy needs to join his ‘fancy’ family at a wedding. Gil’s hand has been forced (a thug appears)

Abby talks about first meeting Ben, who then became her bodyguard. She mentions almost losing him and her Mom in this very building. Oh how Abby loves Ben. Choosing to be spontaneous, Ben rips up his little note to gush about his bride. You were there for me when my sister died (Jack squirms) Ashley smiles through her tears as Ben pledges his love. Tou are now man and wife, the Minister declares as all applaud.

Ben’s talked out of whisking Abby away for the honeymoon. Victor makes a speech about respect and love (praising Nikki) Forgive each other – Stitch is one lucky dude. All clink glasses and drink to the newlyweds. Later, Dylan paints Ben as a hero – not for medals or attention, but that’s who he is; a soldier, a doctor – and now a husband. Vikki’s next – faltering and tearing up when thinking of Billy. Chelsea steps in to save her – to Stitch and Abby.

I told you not the face! Gil scolds his thug. See you tomorrow – WITH my money, he leaves Billy bleeding and gasping for breath.

All applaud as Mike introduces Dr and Mrs Rayburn for their first dance. Ben again tries to get Abby to go home. At their table, Neville asks Ashley what’s ailing her (and watches her walk off) Adam and Sage update one another on how well they’re doing with Chelsea and Nick. Summer insists that the groom dance with the Mother of the bride; it’s tradition *awkward*