Thursday, January 1st

The honeymoon continues (to nauseate)

Dr Neville worries that if the worse happens, Abby will be upset that she wasn’t given the option to come home. Ashley also agrees she shouldn’t read the news online.

When Marisa arrives at CL’s, Kevin comments that her 911 call may have saved Billy. After he and Mariah leave, Marisa puzzles Noah (she knows he had a good reason for not coming forward)

Vikki accuses Phyllis of lying – Billy needs more than the love of a good woman. You’re putting it all on me and letting Billy off the hook. When Nikki and Victor arrive, Jill comes out – what the hell are YOU doing here!?

Updating Abby, Ashley tells her there’s no need to come home – she’ll call if anything changes. Ben takes the phone to ask how bad Billy is. There’s nothing you can do – don’t cut your honeymoon short, have fun, Ashley insists. When Ben leaves it up to her, Abby decides to continue the honeymoon.

Jill doesn’t want to hear one unkind remark from Victor, not one sneer. Victor’s here for his daughter – that’s all. Vikki and Nikki think they should stand by one another in times like this. After Phyllis takes Jill off for coffee, Nikki wonders who could have done this to Billy. Victor has his investigators on it – and is sure Paul is too.

Billy got beat up and ran over – what does that have to do with me> Noah wonders. No one was beating him up, Marisa saw Billy after he was hit. She lied to the police – she saw the car and the driver. Why didn’t she tell them that? It was you Noah.

That’s impossible, Noah flashes back. Yes, he remembers hitting a bump – it was a curb. Maybe you saw someone who looked like me. No, it was you, Marisa insists. Why was Billy on the ground?! Oh my God – I didn’t see him – I have to go to the police. No, you were upset – you had a few drinks – the Abbot’s won’t think this was an accident. Look at the consequences. I don’t want you to go to prison. I don’t want to lose you. Keep quiet. Is that what your husband would do? Noah can’t do that (as so leaves)