Thursday, January 1st

At the station, Mariah’s not surprised that Marisa wasn’t forthcoming with information (she tends to leave out details) Kevin knows Billy needed money. Paul’s suspicious – tell me everything now.

Back at GCM, Victor blames Jack for what happened to Billy (and won’t be ordered to leave) He gives Vikki a hug. She appreciates him coming, but it’s making things harder on the Abbott’s. Victor doesn’t give a damn – I’m here for you.

Arriving with Ashley, Neville grabs Billy’s file and takes a photo. He’s giving Jill an update when Dr Shelby rushes out – this man has no standing in this hospital!

Victor will go, Nikki will stay. Noah arrives with Marisa trying to stop him. I have to tell you something about Billy’s accident, he says. What is it? Victor’s all ear.

Abby’s distracted – she can’t stop thinking about Billy. Ben either. He calls Dr Shelby for an update. On speakerphone, the newlyweds hear that Billy’s on a coma, possible paralysis, swelling of the brain. Is Billy dying? Abby asks after the call ends. It’s critical, Ben’s not sure he’ll make it.


Dr Shelby tells the Abbott’s that Dr Neville’s the one who played Dr Frankenstein with Hilary – his methods are unorthodox. He’s my partner, he came with me, Ashley defends. Not wanting to make things more difficult, Neville leaves. As Noah’s about to confess, Vikki shouts out for a doctor – we need help!!

Abby needs to go home to Billy – with Ben. This isn’t the end of our honeymoon – it’ll last a long time, she promises ~hug~

He’s no oxygenating, Dr Shelby starts barking orders. Jill’s asking Ashley about her partner when they spot the action in Billy’s room. Dr Neville’s printed out Billy’s file. They’re gonna kill him he sighs (in the lab)

He’s in de-fib, Dr Shelby issues more orders. Victor tells Noah to be quite – whatever you have to say won’t do a damn thing to help him.

Next: The Abbott’s are in tears, wishing Billy to pull through. As the team works to save Billy, Vikki sobs in her Mom’s arms.