Thursday, January 7th

Marco’s the key to ruining my Father – but I need more, Luca says. He talked to Marco by phone, but needs to know where Victor stashed him. We need to tread carefully, Adam knows Victor won’t tell him where Marco is. He was my family’s only backer – this information is critical to bringing down both our Fathers, Luca insists – that IS the plan right? Yes – OK, but Marco’s a wild card, Adam warns. Yes, but he’s my wild card, Luca says.

I’m a complete failure, Abby wails at Paul and Dylan. What kind of Mom fails on the first day?! What does Max like to do? Paul asks. Ben doesn’t know (and blames himself for that)

Jack arrives – he talked to the doctor on his drive over. At the mention of making ‘difficult decisions’, Jill refuses to give up.

Kevin’s firm – Billy is his partner. Victor continues his pitch – even if Billy walks out of the hospital and gets a check from Jack, he’ll probably gamble it away. OK, your choice – I always thought you were rather bright, don’t disappoint me (Victor leaves)

What would Billy want? all consider. He’d take 50/50 odds – Jill knows her son will beat the odds like he always does. Billy lives large – all or nothing, Jack doesn’t think it fair to let him live in limbo. Who decides? And how? Billy already made that decision, Vikki steps forward to say they discussed it, when Phyllis was in a coma – he’d say end it – he wouldn’t want to live like that.

Paul and Dylan take notes on what Max was wearing. Kevin gets the call to check the traffic and surveillance cameras around the club. Blond hair, red jacket? He’s just walked into CL’s. Keep him there, Paul hangs up and updates Abby and Ben, who will go get Max – I need to do this alone.

Still at NE, Marisa and Noah continue to whisper about Billy. Stick to your story, Victor appears to say. I could be a murderer, Noah says. A confession wouldn’t help – it was an accident, Victor asks Marisa to talk sense into his grandson. In the office, Victor again scolds Adam for having meetings in his office. You scheduled the meeting – you’re late, Adam retorts. Asked to leave, Luca hovers outside the door. Aware of that, Adam immediately asks Victor where Marco is.

How dare you presume to speak for my son – you kicked him out, Jill reminds – I’m his Mother – I will decide. Jill’s sure Billy changed his mind once Phyllis woke up. Why am I the only one who thinks Billy strong enough to fight this!? Good thing no one gave up on you Jack, or Phyllis (when they were in a coma) The doctor comes out to say that Billy’s deteriorating. At this rate, you might have to consider taking him off life support.

Adam wants to ensure that Marco can’t take Victor down. Luca just had a chat with him; sounds like a loose end to me. Hearing Victor agree to give Adam the info he needs, Luca moves away to now eavesdrop on Noah whining to Marisa about how his and Vikki’s life will change if Billy dies. Time for Luca to take his wife out to dinner.

Ben explains that Max is practically a stranger to him – let me convince him that everything will be alright. Abby agrees – the sooner you get him, the sooner everything will be alright. I love you, Ben leaves Dylan to ask Abby if she’s OK. She blames herself – Ben probably regrets marrying me. He loves you. Yes, but what if that’s not enough.

He still has a chance; he’s young and strong, Jill insists to the doctor. All four file into Billy’s room – the ventilators and machinery are loud as Jill weeps at her son’s bedside.

Stitch is dedicated to you, the marriage and his little family. Dylan’s also sure that Max didn’t run away because he hates Abby. But I don’t know anything about kids, she whines. Neither did Dylan, you learn as you go. You’ll enjoy every second of it. Bright side – no diapers. Max just needs time to adjust. Stitch will fight for both of you, Dylan concludes.

Kevin calls Max over before he can eat a stranger’s leftover dessert – he needs help getting past this level in Zombie Dragon. I’m not so good with computers. OK, Max types away; it’s easy. Got any tips? Kevin asks. Never leave a man behind, Max says. Hey Dad, he mumbles when Ben arrives.