Thursday, January 7th

Marisa appreciates Luca bringing her to Top of the Towers for a special dinner. She’s eager to work with Chelsea. Luca wipes the smile off her face – since when did it become part of your job description to cover up your boss’s grandson’s crimes? Do you get a bonus for aiding and abetting vehicular assault?

Victor hands over Marco’s location – give it to Luca, he instructs.

Asking for a rematch and telling Max that his Dad’s an awesome guy, Kevin leaves Ben to tell Max that Kevin works with the police. Talk to me – why’d you take off? I want my Mom – I want to go home, Max bleats. Ben gets that – he looked for a home for a long time – home is family. Abby and I are your family now, you’re home. Just give us a chance – can you do that? I guess, Max whimpers as Ben scoops him into a hug.

Jill sobs over Billy’s chest until Jack gently leads her out so that Vikki can be alone with him. At Billy’s bedside, Vikki tells him not to think about dying on her – that’s the cowards way out. You owe me Billy – if you love me you’ll wake up. Please God, let him wake up, she repeats in tears (as Noah watches through the window)

Noah had nothing to do with Billy’s accident, Marisa lies. Luca saw it all – and doesn’t appreciate her protecting Noah. He’s not a criminal – he didn’t know he hit Billy until…. Ah ha, Luca lied (he didn’t see anything) He must be a law abiding citizen and report this. OK, but you’ll lose your alignment with Adam and me, for good, Marisa threatens.

He’s gone, you can speak freely – yes, Adam’s sure Luca’s still in the dark. What’s this? The key to our success, Victor gloats – that peacock will go up in flames before he realizes you’re a double agent. Victor and Adam clink glasses and drink.


Next: You asked what I want to become, Kevin reminds – a man who can say no to an offer from Victor Newman … Nikki grins at Hilary. I saw you with Devon when the clock struck 12. I saw you too, Hilary forces a smile – with Neil…. Jill’s at the lab pleading – please come with me to the hospital and heal my son. There’s no point, Neville says.

My Thoughts: That’s great that Vikki and Billy had a living will discussion while Phyllis was in a coma – but why not include it in his actual will? Of course Billy changed his mind once Phyllis came out of her coma; as Jack did, and everyone else who’s been in a coma. Odd that Jill didn’t mention that Vikki’d been in a coma too – in fact, she gave birth while in a coma (which is probably the best way to do it) … Of course Adam’s playing Luca – but will it be that easy, now that Luca knows the secret Noah was so stupid to keep? At least Marco can’t pass himself off as Jack again (I’d hope Phyllis would notice an ear missing) … With Billy on death’s doorstep, you’d think Traci and Ashley might show up (and Kyle and Summer) Even orange ghost John can’t be bothered… Kevin’s actually pretty good with kids – he should have one … The honeymoon shouldn’t even be over yet, yet the honeymoon is over for Ben and Abby. How much do you wanna bet Ashley will hit it off with the kid? He’s likely into chemistry or something .. Paul knows that Ben and Abby left the reception early. Yes, ‘before they cut the cake to be exact’. Which fits the time frame Billy was struck, Paul says. But wait – how is ‘before they cut the cake’ an exact time? How does Paul know what time the cake WOULD have been cut? Is there an unofficial cake cutting time I’m not aware of? … Kindly take your work to your office, Adam says, prompting Noah and Marisa to carry folders out. What exactly is in the folders – what work could they possibly be working on? … Once again – where is Christine!?? She loves convicting hit and run drivers (as much as she hates being the target of em)