Monday, January 11th

At the bar, Devon tells the Ashby’s that Neil’s a lying, two faced sonofabitch. He’s having sex with Hilary in the lab right now – it’s hard to ‘misinterpret’ that. After everything I’ve done for him! Huh? What have you done for Dad? Lily wonders.

Mike fills Jack in that he’s in charge of making decisions re: Billy. I don’t want this, Jack tells Phyllis that his Mother pleaded for her son’s life – who am I to say no? Billy’s deteriorating? Do I protect his dignity? Robbing Jill of her chance at a miracle? Miracles happen every day. What do you want me to do? he asks Vikki.

In Billy’s room, Jill weeps – Billy’s her flesh and blood, the best part of me – I love him as no one else does. Lauren thinks it too much for a Mother to make these decisions. Billy wanted to spare you.

Vikki thinks Billy made his wishes clear – life on machines isn’t a life at all. You weren’t on a ventilator, she reminds Phyllis. She doesn’t want to lose the Father of her children, but we must face the truth. Jack needs to be alone.

Hilary wants to start a new life with Neil; the life we were meant to have. Sorry, Neil can’t. Neil! Neil! Ignoring her, he leaves.

Everyone thinks Neil’s so wise and evolved – but that’s a lie, Devon spits. Lily chalks it up to a moment of weakness. Dad would never intentionally hurt you. No? It feels like payback to Devon (for him walking in on them) You have NO idea what he’s capable of doing! Devon marches one way, Lily the other (she knows exactly who she needs to talk to)

Cane tries to head off Devon as he loudly confronts Neil – I saw you having sex with Hilary in the lab. You finally got your revenge! Neil looks crushed.

Lily marches into the lab to give Hilary a shove – I thought you’d changed, but you’re the same bitch you always were.

Phyllis talks to the ‘stubborn’ Billy; people don’t understand why we did what we did – maybe we went too big, but that’s who we are – if we screw up we own it – come back and be my friend. After she hurries out, Vikki takes Phyllis’ vacated seat to tell Billy that he’s putting them in an impossible situation. I hate you for this. Wake up right now!!! Don’t do this! she sobs as Jill comes in to hug her.

The orange ghosts visits Jack – Billy knew you’d always look out for him. There’s no room for guilt – make this decision out of brotherly love. You know what Billy wants. If you let him go, I have the light on for him and will show him the way, John’s popped down to say.

What the hell is wrong with you? Back off, Hilary snaps back. You gave Devon hope – how could you sleep with my Father? Lily snarls. Next time try locking the door! How did Lily find out? Devon saw you! Hilary stammers – I’m so sorry. But he knows I love Neil, Hilary’s been clear with Devon. You’re destroying their relationship!

Devon rants n raves – lie after lie. How long were you going to jerk me around. After everything you’ve done – after all I’ve done for you. No, Devon doesn’t want to talk in private. Neil does love Devon; who feels stupid for believing him. You hated me all along. I’m beyond done with you, he marches off. Go talk to him, Neil nudges Cane. Nikki appears – you alright? No, Neil messed up – he slept with Hilary. What was I thinking? Neil doesn’t want to have feelings for Hilary – he owes Devon a lot, and is sorry he dragged Nikki into it. No worries – the plan didn’t fail for Nikki.