Monday, January 11th

Not now, Jack doesn’t need to hear from Victor. Sounding sincere, Victor’s truly sorry this is falling on Jack’s shoulders – but is sure he’ll make the right decision.

Pouring drinks, Cane isn’t sure he’s the right person to advise Devon (he took Lily back and she slept with Joe again – he’s trying to keep his distance) Devon won’t walk away from Hilary; she’s my soulmate. He won’t give up. Huh – Cane thinks.

Hilary’s just in love. Do you know what that word means? Lily taunts – first you love Neil, then Devon, then Neil again. Lily owns her mistakes (Joe) while Hilary bounces back and forth like it’s a game. Lily prayed for her safe return, now she just wishes she was at the bottom of that cliff.

Nikki tells Neil that their faux affair made Victor jealous – he tracked me down, he paid attention to me. He’s a chump not to put you front and center every day, Neil says. And that’s why Nikki loves Neil. Victor now knows he can’t take her for granted and that’s why Nikki wants to keep this phony affair going.

What’s he doing here? Phyllis snaps. It’s OK, Jack defends Victor. Jill knows he’s come to a decision. Jack makes a little speech about his love for Billy then announces that he’ll tell the doctors to take his little brother off the machines. It’s time for Billy to be free. Vikki hugs her Dad. Phyllis hugs Jack. Nobody thinks to hold poor Jill up.


Next: I want you to go to Spain, tonight, Victor instructs Adam … Kevin, Mariah and Marisa look troubled as Noah orders tequila – and keep em coming…. Jill is PISSED at Jack – I will take you to court. I will fight you with everything I have. You WILL not kill my son!

My Thoughts: The Ashby’s are so predictable. Of course Charlie’s destined to be a hockey player and Mattie a figure skater. It’d be more interesting to reverse it; Charlie doing triple axles in spandex, Mattie throwing elbows in minor league hockey. It is 2016 after all …. Vikki should just lay down so people can play x’s and O’s (tic tac toe) on her dress …. If Jack needs to be alone, maybe HE should be the one to get off his ass and go for a walk…. Hanky panky? ‘Doing the damn thing’? Is Devon the only one who can call it what it is? Sex?… Love how he answers his own question – how stupid am I? I’m SO stupid (no argument here) …. Lily’s an idiot for defending Neil – he may not have intentionally hurt Devon, but he intentionally had sex with Hilary. He didn’t accidentally trip and fall into her … What the hell was Lily wearing today? It looks like a cross between lingerie and a full body tattoo… Did Lily really tell Hilary to lock the door next time she has sex with Neil in the lab? That won’t help much given all the walls are glass. How did Lily get past the ‘cutting edge facility’ and it’s top notch security? …. Nikki must be joking. She’s a bit long in the tooth to be playing these high school games. One minute she blasts Victor for ‘checking up on her’, the next she’s telling Neil that she ‘likes it’. How pathetic that she has to fake an affair to get Victor’s ‘attention’. Maybe she should be shown some attention from Victor’s divorce lawyer. And it’s quite hypocritical for her to condemn Victor for not supporting Vikki, when she’s been to busy cavorting and conspiring with Neil to do so herself. And why wasn’t she at all surprised to hear that Neil had just slept with Hilary. I’d be like ‘Wait, what!? Where?! In the revolving door!? You just left the club 20 minutes ago!’ …. Is the GCAC staff all robots or what? Nikki and Victor have a very loud squabble and Devon and Neil get into it, yet nobody on the staff seems to even notice… Odd that ghost John would appear to Jack, and not to Billy. When he says he’ll ‘leave the light on’, he must mean the tanning bed lights.